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If you haven’t been to Thailand yet, it’s probably been high on your bucket list for quite some time. Known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you have no doubt imagined yourself sipping a fruity cocktail while looking out over the turquoise blue water on a small island in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand. Not only is this insight pretty accurate, but you’ll also find Thailand an easy place to travel. Most people speak at least a little English, accommodations are relatively cheap, and they offer air-conditioned buses and low-cost airlines to transport you anywhere you want to go.

Thailand is truly a dream tropical paradise vacation. But it doesn’t come without its own unique challenges as well. Read on to learn all about our Thailand travel tips and the things you’ll definitely need to know before your trip to Thailand so you’ll be prepared for anything.

Thailand is the land of beautiful beaches, water sports, crescent parties, luxury resorts, delicious food and much more. A trip to Thailand is the perfect escape for beach bums and leisure seekers. All you need is a Thailand travel tips guide to plan a safe and hassle-free trip. Once things are sorted according to these tips, your Thailand vacation will be a total blast.

Things to consider before visiting Thailand

Thai respect for royalty

We always put this first when asked to say something about Thailand. The king and his royal family are admired by the Thais; you will quickly discover that there are photographs of the king everywhere as soon as he arrives in this country. The Thais regard their king as the symbol of justice, and even as a father figure. So don’t joke about their king and his family, especially after the Thais lost their beloved king Bhumibol Adulyadej in October 2016. Otherwise, you’ll get stares and frowns.

Understanding Buddhist Manners in Thailand

Around 95% of Thais are Buddhists, and the national religion is intertwined in all aspects of life. To show proper respect, remove your shoes before entering any Buddhist structure and wear clothing that covers your shoulders, upper arms, and upper legs.

Never point the soles of your feet at any Buddhist images (or monks), and do not touch Buddha statues on your head. Give way to monks when walking on sidewalks and do not sit next to them on public transport. It is also taboo for a woman to touch a monk or her belongings.

trade responsibly

Bartering in Thailand can be fun. There are few places in the western world that allow you to trade numbers with a dealer until you both agree on a price. That said, there’s always a time and a place to fight for a discount. If you’re visiting the Chatuchak weekend market, barter.

If something doesn’t have a visible price tag, you should suggest to a merchant that they buy an item lower than what they originally said. If you’re blatantly inconveniencing a merchant or bartering is no longer a friendly joke, move on to the next shop. Don’t be the tourist fighting for a single dollar.

When in Thailand, do as the Thais do

Most Thais are Buddhist, so there are some special polite customs that you need to follow. For example, women are not allowed to touch any Buddhist monks; everyone should wear appropriate clothing in public areas and remove their shoes before entering the temples… More importantly, touching the head of others is prohibited, as the head is considered to be the resting place of the soul and demands the highest respect. On the contrary, the feet are considered dirty and you cannot point your feet towards the images of the Buddha.

Know what to expect at the dining table

When eating out in Thailand, everything is usually served on the table at the same time, usually in the middle of the table for everyone to share. Thailand abandoned chopsticks in the 19th century. You are provided with a spoon and fork but not a knife, but most dishes are bite-sized so you won’t need one. Sticky rice is usually packed into balls and eaten with the fingers.

Invest in insect repellant

A trip of many to Thailand was cut short by an unfortunate encounter with one too many insect bites. Whether you’re locked in your hotel room because the itching is unbearable or you’re catching a virus, you’re sure to regret being so bold. Bug spray should replace your perfume or cologne while in Thailand. Make sure you always have a travel size spray with you. You never know when a bloodthirsty mosquito is going to come out for dinner.

Don’t always stay in the all-inclusive hotel, go out to EAT

Sometimes you opt for an all-inclusive hotel, as it is more convenient and you don’t have to read many guides to find where to eat or have fun. Don’t forgive your laziness! Remember, the most authentic food does not exist in the hotel. Step out of your hotel to enjoy some local Thai food and you’ll find that it tastes very different from the version you taste at home. The streets of Thailand are full of decadent flavors. If you see a restaurant full of locals, go inside. It’s your gastronomic paradise today!

BYOT (Bring Your Own Toilet Paper)

While traveling in Thailand, it’s always a good idea to carry a small container of tissues or toilet paper with you, just in case. You never know when you will fall short. Many toilets in Thailand have squat toilets and “tramp guns” (essentially hoses used in place of toilet paper), which Westerners can’t be blamed for.

Vegetarian is a relative term in Thailand

Fish sauce, oyster sauce and egg are widely used as cooking ingredients in Thailand. The safest bet for those avoiding fish and meat is to seek out Indian-owned vegetarian restaurants or restaurants serving Buddhist kin jay cuisine. When in doubt, ask the person preparing the food if it’s jay: the term mang sa wirat simply means food that doesn’t contain bits of meat or fish.

There are many ‘soi’ dogs

There are around 300,000 stray dogs on the streets of Thailand’s capital alone. While the exact number of se dogs (stray dogs) is unclear, one thing is for sure: you will come across at least a handful of them while visiting the country. Injuries, fleas, rashes – these are just some of the conditions that stray dogs suffer from. Locals take care to provide these animals with food and water, but many continue to be abandoned. Help when you can, but also stay alert.

Smart Travelers Avoid Drugs in Thailand

Smuggling drugs across Thailand’s borders carries the death penalty, and even possession of small amounts of marijuana can carry a heavy prison sentence; It’s really not worth the risk. Also note that smoking in public can lead to heavy fines. If you take prescription medications, check that they are allowed in Thailand before you travel.

Thai massage is amazing.

First, Thai massage is an amazing skill that is known all over the world. It is a full body massage from head to toe and is considered a great way to relieve the pain and stress of a busy day. Second, it’s incredibly cheap. A good massage will only cost you 1000 baht (about 28.5 USD)! Well, getting a massage treatment in Thailand is a wonderful experience that everyone should try at least once.

Avoid animal tourism

Getting up close to some of Thailand’s most exotic animals has become a must-do on many tourists’ itineraries. Elephant rides, tiger temples and photo sessions with monkeys are some of the activities you can find during your visit to the country. If one of these attractions is on your wish list, we suggest you check it off. Many travelers are unaware of how these animals are mistreated and abandoned. Before you arrive in Thailand, be sure to do extensive research on the ethical ways you can interact with native wildlife. If you’re dying to see elephants, go see elephants. Just do it responsibly.

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