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Hollywood is growing every year and the number of movies being released has increased exponentially. Here in this section, we offer a list of the latest Hollywood movies that have been released, giving you an inside look at their reviews. Not only that, but this section even gives you details like cast information, box office collections, related videos and photos of the latest Hollywood movies. This latest list of Hollywood movies is a one-stop solution for the latest updates of the latest English movies that are released in theaters.

Here is the list of top rated English language movies

The Godfather

Classification; 4.8/5

The story begins when “Don” Vito Corleone, the boss of a New York mob “family”, oversees his daughter’s marriage to his wife Carmela. His beloved son Michael has just returned home from the war, but has no intention of being part of his father’s business. Through Michael’s life, the nature of the family business becomes clear. The family business is like the head of the family, polite and benevolent to those who respect him, but gives in to ruthless violence whenever something goes against the good of the family.

Don Vito lives his life like the old country does, but times are changing and some don’t want to follow the old ways and take care of the community and “family”. A rising rival to the Corleone family wants to start dealing drugs in New York and needs Don’s influence to advance his plan. The clash of Don’s fading old world values ​​and new ways will exact a terrible price, especially from Michael, all for the good of the family.

schindler’s list

Classification; 4.7/5

In German-occupied Poland during World War II, industrialist Oscar Schindler gradually grew concerned about his Jewish workforce after seeing them persecuted by the Nazis. Oscar Schindler is a vain and greedy German businessman who becomes an incredible humanist in the midst of the barbaric German Nazi kingdom, when he is forced to convert his factory into a Jewish refuge. Based on the true story of Oscar Schindler, who managed to save some 1,100 Jews from the gas attack on the Auschwitz concentration camp, it is a testament to the good of all of us.

Life imprisonment

Classification; 4.6/5

Andy Dufresne is sent to Shawshank Prison for the murder of his wife and her secret lover. He is very isolated and alone at first, but he realizes that there is something deep inside his body that people can’t touch or reach “HOPE”. Andy befriends Red, the prison “corrector,” and Andy sums up why dreaming is crucial. His spirit and determination lead us to a world full of imagination, a world full of courage and desire. Will Andy ever make his dreams come true?

The dark knight

Classification; 4.6/5

One year after the events of Batman Begins (2008), Batman, Lt. James Gordon, and prosecutor Harvey Dent plan to launch a mob attack by arresting the mob’s shadow accountant, Lau. Lao is kidnapped from his building by Batman and imprisoned. Lowe reveals the secrets and almost all of the mob bosses are jailed. Desperate mob bosses turn to the Joker, a sadistic psychopath with green hair, all-yellow teeth, and a tailored purple suit.

The Joker kills a judge, the police commissioner, and tries to kill the mayor and Harvey. The Joker’s actions cause anarchy and chaos among the people of Gotham City, forcing Batman to accept what appears to be his greatest ordeal to fight injustice and walk the fine line between hero and vigilante.


Classification; 4.5/5

Leonard is an insurance investigator whose memory has been damaged by a head injury he sustained while involved in his wife’s murder. His quality of life was seriously affected after this incident, and he can now live a understandable life just by tattooing notes and photographing things with a Polaroid camera. The film narrates head-on glimpses of events to come that offset his unreliable memory of him, in which he has ties to several intricate characters.

Leonard wants a lot of revenge for his wife’s murder, but, as many characters explain, it may not make sense if he doesn’t remember to secure her closure. The film pivots between these future events and a telephone conversation Leonard has in the motel room in which he compares his current situation to that of a client whose claim was once handled.

The father

Classification; 4.4/5

A man rejects any help from his daughter as she grows up. As he tries to understand his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind, and even reality. Having surprised his recent caretaker, Anthony, an ailing eight-year-old Londoner gradually succumbing to dementia, feels abandoned when he worries that his daughter Anne will tell him that she is moving to Paris.

Confused and upset, against the backdrop of a distorted perspective and his rapid and harrowing mental decline, Anthony begins to lose his grip on reality, struggling to navigate the opaque landscape of present and past. Now, as faded memories and glimpses of clarity cause sudden mood swings, my dears, Anthony’s surroundings and even time itself become distorted. Why did his youngest daughter stop visiting? Who are the strangers who broke into Anthony?

shutter island

Classification; 4.3/5

U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and his new partner Chuck Aule travel to a state-run criminal lunatic center on Shutter Island near Boston when there is a report that a prisoner is missing. Daniels, bored with his own baggage, has his own reasons for wanting to get to the island. He is still hurt by what he saw when his army unit liberated one of the Nazi concentration camps at the end of World War II and is still haunted by the recent death of his wife in a fire.

The head of the hospital, Dr. John Cowley, treats him with dignity, but others greet the agents more calmly. Daniels especially wants to know what’s going on in the room for the most serious offenders. As the layers of deception begin to peel away, it becomes clear that all is not what it seems.

barry lyndon

Classification; 4.2/5

Redmond Barry (Ryan O’Neill) is a rebellious young Irishman who is determined, by any means necessary, to make a living as a wealthy nobleman. Enlisting in the British Army, fighting in the Seven Years’ War in Europe, Barry leaves the British Army, joins the Prussian Army, is promoted to the rank of spy, and later becomes a student of trickster and gambler Chevalier de Balibari ( Patrick Magee). ). Barry then lies, cheats, fights and seduces his way up the social ladder and enters a lustful but loveless marriage to a wealthy countess named Lady Lyndon (Marisa Berenson), takes the name “Barry Lyndon”, settles in England with wealth. and power beyond his wildest dreams, then slowly collapses dramatically.


Classification; 4.1/5

Five-year-old Jack’s whole world is a 10-by-10-foot confined, enclosed space filled with photographs, toys, and books: the bedroom. Of course, his young mother is in the room too, taking care of her only child and making sure nothing happens to her, especially when old Nick visits and Jack starts hearing squeaks. One day, however, Ma says that there is a place outside her room where houses, trees, people, and dogs are real: a wonderful kingdom where the air is fresh and the sky is blue. Is she telling the truth? Is there, in fact, life beyond the Room?

into the wild

Classification; 3.9/5

A young man bravely sets out alone on what becomes a magical journey to explore the beauty and wonders of the world. In all of his journeys, which eventually lead him into the wild and the wild, he seeks and ultimately finds pleasure and joy along with a sense of truth and purpose that he has longed for all his life. Along the way, he meets and deeply touches a cast of people who, in his own way, also want to escape or leave the past behind and enjoy life again.

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