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Independent films are chosen again and again for Top Picture and cover a wide variety of genres, almost always on a smaller, more specialized level. While they may not have the same scope as a successful Spider-Man movie, standalone movies can certainly emerge and be successful, making viewers forget that it’s actually a smaller standalone movie.

Movies like Get Out and Parasite were both standalone films, though each received wide acclaim, making them largely hits. Without a specific series, these next 10 movies are some of the Top that we have seen on our screens in recent years.

Here is the list of highest rated independent movies


Classification; 4.9/5

It’s been 10 years since Batman & Robin digital designer Lance Hammer released the heavy and impressive Ballast on a festival runway where it was heralded as the arrival of a major new talent. The fact that he hasn’t made a movie since then is a mystery and a shame.

An intense, gray drama set in the Mississippi Delta about a convenience store DJ (the great and indelible Michael J. Smith Sr.) who wreaks havoc on the life of his dead identical twin, glorifying pain and anger. Responsibilities always avoided. Ballast displays and narrative fillets comparable to the work of the Dardenne brothers. Its claustrophobic spaces and wide open horizon lines make for a mesmerizing sight, yet its tone remains hushed and gloomy. Of all the films on this list, Hammer’s debut deserves to be known the most.


Classification; 4.9/5

A boxing match in Brooklyn. life in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina. the daily routine of a Nigerian midwife. an intimate family moment at home: these scenes and others are woven into Cameraperson, a wallpaper of images collected over documentary filmmaker Kirsten Johnson’s twenty-five-year career.

Through a series of episodic confrontations, Johnson explores the relationships between imagers and their subjects, the tension between objectivity and camera intervention, and the complex interplay of unfiltered reality and elaborate narrative. A hybrid work combining documentary, autobiography, and ethical investigation, Cameraperson is a moving look at a director’s personal journey and a thoughtful examination of what it means to train a camera in the world.

room 237

Classification; 4.8/5

If I had a dollar for every time I read or heard someone misunderstand Rodney Ascher’s clever, legally controversial home video essay on The Shining, I’d probably have $237. Stanley Kubrick pretended to land on the moon and wore a baby sweater to admit it (spoiler: he didn’t) – that’s how even most of his art (e.g. The Shining) opens wide to interpretation as they zoom in. to an audience. Forget Steven Spielberg’s raunchy CGI rendition of Overlook in Ready Player One: it’s Ascher who really gets into the insanity of Kubrick’s masterpiece.


Classification; 4.7/5

The friendship between two young people is put to the test when they go on an excursion to the desert and forget to bring water or food. Two friends named Gerry decide to hide in the desert to see something. However, they do not find what they are looking for. They decide to go back to the car but they get lost in the desert, without water, supplies or a compass. Now they have to walk, trying to find a way to survive.

inner empire

Classification; 4.6/5

The conclusion of the David Leeds trilogy in Los Angeles does not simply negate the making of films at the studio à la Mulholland Drive. adopts a marginal and incomprehensible visual and narrative form to say goodbye definitively to Hollywood.

Even for such a congenitally irreconcilable director, Inland Empire is something that crosses my path or highway, regressing, sometimes apparently deliberately, to the clandestine clash spirit of Eraser Head, when its creator was a mere “maniac” ( to mention Mel Brooks) instead of our old surrealist politician. All you can say about this strategically ugly, grueling, and unusual three-hour ordeal, complete with Locomotion music video, is a free man’s movie.

young star

Classification; 4.5/5

California, San Fernando Valley. On her way to stardom, 21-year-old aspiring actress Jane hangs out with her little chihuahua named Starlet and plays video games with her roommates Melissa and Mikey. However, Jane’s life takes an unexpected turn when the precious contents of an old thermos sold in her yard paves the way for an incredible friendship between her and Sandy, a lonely widow who is not unreasonable. And, as persistent Jane tries to do the right thing, a deep bond slowly builds. But is it okay to lie in a relationship?

blue ruin

Classification; 4.4/5

The quiet life of a mysterious stranger is turned upside down when he returns to his childhood home to carry out an act of revenge. Proving that he is an amateur killer, he ends up in a fierce fight to protect the family separated from him. Dwight Evans lives his life as a beach bum. He has no contact with his sister and his parents were killed ten years ago. When he learns that his parents’ killer, Wade Cleland, is about to be released, Dwight decides he has nothing to lose and begins an attempt to avenge his parents’ deaths. Dwight manages to kill Wade, but complications arise when his poor escape gives the Cleland family an opportunity to swear revenge.

Cold weather

Classification; 4.4/5

The protagonist of Aaron Katz’s sweet furry semi-thriller yearns to become a detective and unexpectedly ends up investigating a mysterious disappearance in his Portland neighborhood. When he smokes a Sherlock Holmes pipe to help abduct him, it’s a hipster endearment that’s also an act of homage to love. Of all the directors to have come out of the so-called “Mumblecore” movement, Katz may be the one with the easiest visual ability.

Cold Weather has a crisp, clear color palette and dynamic camera movements that help rather than overwhelm the lackluster ambitions of the genre. It also has the best sibling performance in independent cinema of the 21st century (sorry for Alex Ross Perry’s The Color Wheel), with Cris Lankenau and Trieste Kelly Dunn turning sibling rivalry and affection into subtle, wordless solidarity, since whether it’s whale watching or listening to a favorite teenager. mixtape.


Classification; 4.3/5

If you were to make a Memento-style movie about Christopher Nolan’s career, that is, start it now and work from the beginning, then the discovery of 2000 would be one hell of a climax: the kind of perfectly structured, neo-noir actor who would serve as another achievement of the writer and director.

Long before he created budgets equal to the GDP of a small country and had Michael Kane on speed dial, Nolan had a great deal of production value thanks to his invaluable instincts on how to throw an audience out of tune without losing it entirely. What makes Memento memorable is not just the reverse dating of Harold Pinter, but all the little visual and verbal details (a tattoo here, a cryptic line there) that remain firmly in the back of our minds, even when it comes to the Guy Pierce’s antihero. ears and the others.

old joy

Classification; 4.2/5

The Weekend Warriors from Kelly Reichardt’s film Humorous Road are not Deliverance-esque alpha males. they don’t want to forge torrential waters, just dip their first middle-aged bones in a lonely mountain hot spring. Following a sly satire that philosophizes that the journey is the destination and a heartfelt elegy on the erosion of anti-cultural values ​​-with Will Oldham as a more melancholy version of The Dude- Old Joy restored its director to the indie-garde avant-garde for 12 years. after his River of Grass debut.

Since then, he has collaborated with increasingly glamorous stars (Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart), revisited the foundational genres of American cinema (Meek’s Cutoff’s reckoning with the western) and become a renowned auteur. But this remains his most moving work of his.

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