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Top Rated Tamil Movies – From romantic movies to action content – ​​Tamil movies are a mixed entertainment. Following reviews from critics and moviegoers alike, here is an organized list of the best Telugu movies. You can search for your favorite Tamil movies in this list which includes many critically acclaimed and commercially approved movies. Sit back and refer to this page whenever you feel the urge to watch top rated Tamil movies.

This list is movie releases throughout the year. The Superstar Rajnikanth sector itself, the Tamil industry Tamil is known as one of the best regional film industries in India. The specialty of Tamil Film Industry or better known as Kollywood is an excellent combination of masala art and cinematography. Over the years, Kollywood has successfully presented some of the best Indian movies of all time.

Here is the list of top rated Tamil movies

anbe sivam

Rating: 4.8/5

Evocative and provocative, this masterfully crafted relationship drama tells the story of a series of comedic events that take place when Nalla Sivam (Kamal Haasan) is a wise, crippled communist and Anbarasu (R. Madhavan), an arrogant young advertising director. .

They stick together on their turbulent journey from Bhubaneswar to Chennai, giving them a unique opportunity to explore each other’s beliefs. Themes such as globalization, economic inequality, and compassion in India today are explored around the two leads, while also discovering how deeply interconnected their lives are.


Rating: 4.7/5

A sub-inspector begins to hunt down a mysterious serial killer who attacks teenagers and brutally kills them. Circumstances force Arun, an aspiring director, to assume the role of sub-inspector after the death of his father. As Arun struggles to adjust to the lifestyle of a police officer, a series of mysterious murders of schoolgirls take place in the city.

Jay Bhim

Rating: 4.6/5

Rajakannu and his wife Sengeni belong to a lower caste and work in the fields to protect them from rats. Rajakannu and Sengeni are planning a second child and Sengeni soon breaks the good news when Rajkannu is called to the house of a higher caste man when a snake sneaks into his house. The next day, Rajkannu suspects the robbery of jewelry in the same house.

The police have to arrest Rajkannu, but he leaves town to go to work, after which the police hold a pregnant Sengani and the rest of her family for details about Rajkannu. they confess to the crime they didn’t commit Segeni then finds out that Rajkannu and his brother escaped from prison to escape torture. Mythra, who teaches in a tribal village, meets Chandru, a lawyer who fights for tribal people, and after hearing Senegeni’s story, he files a habeas corpus case in court.


Rating: 4.5/5

Hailing from Tamil Nadu, Pandi and three of his friends work at a grocery store in neighboring Andhra Pradhesh struggling daily without knowing Telugu. They live in a park that they can’t afford to stay anywhere else. Pandi is also beaten up by Shanthi, who works as a housekeeper near the store and approaches him to save her from an abusive employer. They did not know that their nomadic life would put them on a path of no return by becoming victims of a system that exploits their weaknesses.

Soorarai Pottru

Rating: 4.4/5

Inspired by the book “Just Fly”, the film tells the story of Nedumaaran Rajangam, known among his friends as Maara, the son of a teacher, who intends to blow up the common man and take over the most capital-intensive industry in the world with the help of his friends, family and sheer force of will.

super deluxe

Rating: 4.3/5

A couple tries to dump a corpse. A little boy gets a surprise when he meets his father separated from him. a son discovers the other side of his mother. a religious person begins to have doubts about his God. Super Deluxe offers us four stories and the protagonists of each of these stories put their beliefs to the test in the strangest way.


Rating: 4.2/5

The story revolves around Sivasaamy and his family, where his youngest son kills a Vadakkooran, a local bigwig to avenge his brother’s death in a land dispute. To protect the son from him, Sivasaamy takes him to the forest to hide and escape from Vadakkooran’s boys. Everyone in the family believes that Sivasaamy is a submissive father to his family, he is afraid and submissive to protect her. But there is more to Sivasaamy than that. Whether Sivasaamy saves his son from Vadakkooran and his people is the rest of the story.

Sarpatta Parambarai

Rating: 4.1/5

Kabilan, an aspiring boxer, must fight for the Sarpatta Parambarai (tribe) to regain a reputation that was tarnished by the Vembuli champion’s intimidating and reigning opponent, Idiyappa Parambarai. But he has to choose between boxing and his mother’s advice to oppose the sport due to a family tragedy caused by him.


Rating: 4.0/5

Kalyani, 15, gives birth to a boy, wraps him in a yellow cloth and leaves him on a bus containing bags of rice. This child is transported in this way, until the train stops, and some children get on this bus to steal the rice, and when challenged by a guard, the children leave with the child and leave him in a nearby river. . The river transports the boy to a slum, where he is picked up and cared for by the community at large, and he is called Surya. Years later, Surya has grown up and is fondly regarded as a kind person, who will help anyone in distress and trouble. One day, Surya defends a woman and seriously injures a man who is abusing her. This man is hospitalized and later dies.

As a result, Surya is arrested by the police and severely beaten. Then there is Devraj, a very scared gangster who comes to Surya’s rescue and breaks him out of custody. Surya finds out that the man he killed worked for Devraj and owes him a life and the two become close friends. Their friendship is tested when a new Collector, Arjun, arrives in this community, who wants to arrest Devraj, and Surya is ordered to kill him immediately. Surya agrees to do so, unaware that Arjun is none other than Kalyani’s son.

Thevar Magan

Rating: 3.9/5

Set in the context of the feudal district of Madurai, controlled by landlords who own their own gangs and often get involved in costly disputes with their neighbors. The star explained that this environment was part of her childhood experience. She plays Shaktivelu, the modern son of Peria-thevar (Ganesan), who returns to his ancestral home to introduce his bride (Gauthami) to his family.

Unintentionally, he is forced to get involved in bloody feuds between different members of the tribe led by Mayathevar (Nasser) and when his father dies, he takes up the mantle of godfather. The rival family is ultimately wiped out to a miserable end. However, how will Shakti’s love and personal life unfold?

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