10 Tips & Tricks for Setting Up and Customizing Your Microsoft Surface RT

Setting up your new Microsoft Surface RT doesn’t have to be complicated. In just a few steps, you can be up and running. But to help you get the most out of your device, we’ve put together 10 tips and tricks to make the process even smoother. Let’s dive in!

1. Update Windows and applications

Before diving into customization, make sure to update your Windows operating system and pre-installed applications. This will ensure that you have the latest features and enhancements. To do this, go to the Charms Menu > Settings > Change PC settings > Windows Update, and then update and restart your device if prompted.

2. Set up an easier PIN login

Instead of entering your account password every time, you can set up a 4-number PIN as a convenient way to unlock your device. To do this, go to the Charms Menu > Settings > Change PC settings > Users > Login options > Create a PIN.

3. Enhance image password security

If you prefer a more secure login option, you can try using a picture password. This feature allows you to unlock your device by drawing gestures on an image of your choice. To set up an image password, go to the Charms Menu > Settings > Change PC settings > Users > Login options > Create an image password.

4. Set up your personal email account

Add your personal email accounts, such as Hotmail, Outlook, or Google, to the Mail app. This way, you can access all your emails in one place. To add an account, open the Mail app and go to the Charms Menu > Settings > Accounts > Add an account.

5. Choose modern user interface color schemes

Customize the look of your device by changing the color scheme and background layout of the modern user interface. To do this, go to the Charms Menu > Settings > Change PC settings > Personalize.

6. Manage modern UI tiles

Rearrange your app tiles to suit your preferences and prioritize the apps you use the most. You can also resize the tiles to display more or less information. To customize your tiles, touch and hold a tile to move it or go to the Charms Menu > Settings > Tiles to disable live tile information.

7. Name your UI tiles

Keep your app tiles organized by giving them custom names. Simply pinch with two fingers on the modern UI to zoom out, then swipe down on any group of tiles to bring up the menu and tap on “Group name” to rename it.

8. Share photos

Easily share your favorite photos or screenshots via the Photo app. Just select the photo, go to the Charms Menu > Share, and choose how you want to share it.

9. Enable faster application switching multitasking

If you frequently switch between applications, you can enable a faster way to do so. Go to the Charms Menu > Settings > Change PC settings > General and activate the option for faster application switching.

10. Social integration

Connect your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to the People app. This way, you can view multiple feeds and stay updated with your contacts. To add social accounts, go to the People app and follow the instructions.


With these 10 tips and tricks, you can set up and customize your Microsoft Surface RT to suit your preferences and make the most of your device. Have fun exploring all the features!


1. Can I use a different email account other than the one I used to log in?

Yes, you can add additional email accounts, such as Hotmail, Outlook, Google, or your own domain, to the Mail app. Simply go to the Charms Menu > Settings > Accounts > Add an account.

2. Can I disable live tile information?

Yes, you can temporarily disable live tile information by going to the Charms Menu > Settings > Tiles and turning off the feature.

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