20+ Tools to Supercharge Your Dropbox and Enhance its Capabilities

Discover a wide range of tools and services that can significantly enhance the power of your favorite cloud storage platform, Dropbox. With these tools, you can do so much more and make the most out of Dropbox’s potential. From note-taking and form creation to website hosting and file encryption, these tools offer endless possibilities for maximizing your Dropbox experience.

Check out these 20+ powerful tools to supercharge your Dropbox:

1. Writebox

A free online editor that syncs with your Dropbox account, allowing you to write and save notes, ideas, and diagrams seamlessly.

2. Jotform

Create and embed forms on websites and securely store form data directly in your Dropbox account.

3. DropPages

Host a website directly from your Dropbox account and easily edit and manage its content.

4. Viivo

Encrypt your data on Dropbox to ensure maximum security and protection.

5. Jing

Share thoughts, designs, screenshots, images, and videos instantly using Dropbox for easy access and storage.

6. JustCast

Host podcast services directly from your Dropbox account and seamlessly publish them on the web and iTunes.

7. Invision

Create interactive prototypes and sync, manage, and share your designs using Dropbox integration.

8. Marvel

Easily create prototypes, collaborate on projects, and sync designs or prototypes directly to and from Dropbox.

9. Wevideo

Access and edit videos directly from your Dropbox account using this cloud-based collaborative video editor.

10. Observation

Collaborate during video review sessions, leave comments and suggestions directly on videos stored in Dropbox.

11. Kanban Tool

Improve workflow and project management by organizing and accessing shared documents on Dropbox.

12. PandaDoc

Automate document creation and edits, access and electronically sign documents directly from Dropbox.

13. SortMyBox

Organize your Dropbox data by creating custom folders and filters to automatically sort files.

14. Send to Dropbox

Save email attachments directly to Dropbox using a separate “Attached Files” folder for easy organization and access.

15. Mover

Migrate and transfer files seamlessly between different cloud storage providers, ensuring data protection and security.


Automate processes and connect various apps and websites, including Dropbox, to create custom sequences.

17. Mihand

Organize your Dropbox folders using labels and automatically sort files based on tags.

18. Otixo

Manage multiple cloud-based services in one place, preview, search, and copy files between different clouds and Dropbox.

19. Dropbox Folder Sync

Sync folders outside of the Dropbox folder, allowing you to easily access and manage files from different locations.

20. Boxcryptor

Encrypt files for maximum privacy and protection before uploading them to Dropbox or other cloud storage providers.

21. DropboxPortableAHK

Make Dropbox portable and accessible on any computer, even without installing Dropbox on the device.

22. MacDropAny

The Mac version of the Dropbox folder sync plugin, allowing you to sync folders outside of Dropbox on Mac.

23. Dropboxifier

“Trick” application files to read and write to Dropbox, enabling easy access and editing from multiple devices.

24. Wrap

These are just some of the amazing tools that can give Dropbox a whole new dimension. Explore them and unleash the full potential of Dropbox in the cloud, using just your web browser. Share with us if you already use any of these tools or if you have more tools to recommend!


1. Can I use these tools with my Dropbox account?

Yes, all the tools mentioned in this article are compatible with Dropbox and can be seamlessly integrated with your account.

2. Are these tools free to use?

Many of the tools mentioned in this article offer free versions or have free features available. However, some may require a paid subscription for full functionality.

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