Add Photo Widget on iPhone Home Screen

In this article, we will talk about How to Add Photo Widget on iPhone Home Screen. A photo widget that lets you see your favorite faces or scenes right on your home screen is a great way to start your day. You have several options for adding a photo widget to your iPhone home screen. One way, of course, is to use the Photos app widget provided by Apple. The other is to use a third-party app with it’s own widget.

One of the best ways to customize your iPhone is to add custom icons in different shapes and sizes for apps, widgets and folders all over the home screen. You can also add images of your choice and design instead of the default icons. This feature has been available since iOS 14, and in the upcoming iOS 16, you will be able to automatically change your custom home screen depending on the focus mode and customize the lock screen.

An example of how far you can go in customizing icons was created by a user on Twitter using MS Paint to create amusing looking icons. The secret to this is the Shortcuts app. Read on to find out how you can create unique iOS home screens with custom icons and widgets. Below, we have mentioned some Steps to Add Photo Widget on iPhone Home Screen.

How to Add Photo Widget on iPhone’s Home Screen You Should Try

You can customize your iPhone’s home screen in several ways, and adding a photo widget is one of the options. When you add the photo widget to your home screen, a selection of your photos will be displayed in a fixed position. You can move the position of the widget if you don’t like the position where the system has placed it.

Step 1:- Press and hold an empty area on your screen until the icons start to jiggle.

Step 2:- Tap the + symbol on the top right.

Step 3:- Swipe down until you reach the list of widgets, and then tap Photos.

Step 4:- Swipe right and left to examine and choose a widget size.

Step 5:- When you know which widget size you want, tap Add Widget.

Step 6:- The photo widget will appear on your screen.

Step 7:- To move the photos widget, press and hold an empty space on the screen.

Step 8:- When the icons start jiggling, press and hold the photo widget.

Step 9:- Drag the photo widget to a new location.

Step 10:- Release the photo widget.

Step 11:- Tap an empty area of the screen, and the widget will be locked in its new location.

Final Words

We hope you like and understood this article How to customize Photo Widget on Apple iPhone’s Home Screen. Photo Widget displays your favorite photos in a widget on your home screen. Multiple albums: Create photo albums with your favorite pictures to customize widgets on iPhone. Easily select your photos, create widgets and display the selected photos. Show your best photo memories on both iPhone and iPad home screens.

There is a new kind of social media sites experience that allows your friends to bombard your home screen with photos. Millions of people, mostly iPhone owners from the under-30 TikTok community, have downloaded apps that let them send photos directly to a small group of friends. Both Locket and LiveIn instantly display shared photos when a phone is unlocked, without having to open an app. The apps have overtaken Apple Inc. as the best free social networking app in the App Store in recent months.

I hope you understand this article, Add Photo Widget on iPhone Home Screen.

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