Alan Wake 2: How to Get the Lighthouse Key

Embark on a captivating quest to uncover the secrets of Alan Wake 2 and discover the elusive Lighthouse Key.

You will need a key from the final cult stash in order to access the inside of the Watery lighthouse and loot some supplies there. The Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key will allow you to do this. It is recommended that you Get the Lighthouse Key in Alan Wake 2 in order to obtain some items for the endgame, despite the fact that doing so will require a significant amount of effort and will occur late in the game’s narrative.

In order to get the key to the lighthouse in Alan Wake 2, here is what you need to do. Because it’s not something you can get early on, you won’t be able to get it until you’re getting close to the end of the game. However, it’s the perfect thing to get before the Alan Wake 2 Come Up With A New Plan objective because it’s so useful.

What’s in the Lighthouse in Alan Wake 2?

There are two Manuscript Pages, a note, and some resources in The Lighthouse. Guns, Trauma Pads, Flashbangs, Propane Tanks, and Hand Flares are just a few of the items that can be found. It’s helpful if you’re low on resources, but since you already got resources from the 22 Cult Stashes, it’s not the best reward. The most interesting find is the Manuscript Pages, which give more information about Ilmo and Jaakko’s past for people who want to know more.

Where to Find the Lighthouse Key in Alan Wake 2

If players want to get into the Watery Lighthouse, they should try to open every Cult Stash in the game. For those who don’t know, those containers can be found around Cauldron Lake, Watery Falls, and Bright Falls.

To open them, you have to solve puzzles or find keys. There are a total of 22 of them. The Cult Stashes are easy to find because players can add them to their in-game maps by interacting with the maps that hang in the Breakroom of Alan Wake 2’s Kalevala Knights Workshop.

Alan Wake 2: How to Get the Lighthouse Key

When players open the last Cult Stash, they will find the Lighthouse Key inside. Many fans think that the last Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2 is in the basement of the Bright Falls Sheriff Station, which can be reached in Return 6. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, the Lighthouse Key will be in the 22nd Cult Stash that the player opens, no matter which one it is.

How to Get the Lighthouse Key in Alan Wake 2

Here are the regions that contain Cult Stashes, along with their number:

  1. Bright Falls: 9 Cult Stashes
  2. Watery, WA: 8 Cult Stashes
  3. Cauldron Lake: 5 Cult Stashes

There is no Cult Stash that is set aside just for the key. It will be in the last Cult Stash you open as a “good job” reward.

Enhancing Your Gaming Experience with the Lighthouse Key

  • Get Access to Strong Weapons: The Lighthouse Key lets you get access to strong weapons that can help you victory in battle. These weapons are often hidden in strange places, which makes the game feel like you’re looking for treasure.
  • Getting into Special Areas: The Lighthouse Key lets you get into places you couldn’t get to before, like secret rooms, hidden passages, and hidden caches. These areas usually have rare or valuable items, collectibles with lots of story, or special ways to play.
  • Finding Hidden Paths or Alternative Endings: The Lighthouse Key may help you find hidden endings or alternative endings in some games. This makes it possible to play again and again and makes you want to try out different options and outcomes.
  • Increasing Immersion and Lore: The Lighthouse Key is a sign of the game’s mysteries and makes you want to learn more about its history. You can learn more about the world and characters in the game by finding the secrets that are hidden behind the key.


What state does Alan Wake take place?

You have arrived in Bright Falls, Washington, the idyllic (fictional) town where, 13 years ago, the protagonist Alan Wake, a well-known author of crime fiction, fought against the corrupting force of the Dark Presence with a torch and a gun (the latter of which, appropriately enough, was the more useful weapon).

Why was Alan Wake 2 cancelled?

Sam Lake explained that the development of a sequel to Alan Wake had been put on hold when the announcement of Quantum Break was made. He stated that this was because Alan Wake had not been commercially successful enough for the developers to receive the funding they required to continue developing the sequel at the time.

How scary is Alan Wake 2?

In Alan Wake 2, the psychological horror elements are much more front and centre. The manner in which this manifests itself shifts throughout the course of the story, but the jump scare on-screen flashes that show distorted, screaming faces bursting onto your screen without warning are by far the scariest parts of the experience.

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