Alan Wake 2: How To Unlock Caldera St. Station

Unlock the secrets of Caldera St. Station in Alan Wake 2! Follow our guide to access hidden areas and progress.

There are a lot of people like you who are stuck on how To Unlock Caldera St. Station in Alan Wake 2. The stop is easy to find because as soon as you leave the Talk Show Studio and hit the streets, you’ll see a map. The problem is that you don’t know how to get inside.

With the Angel Lamp, you can see the entry and go down into the depths. But once you’re down there, you can’t go back up until you find a second light source. There are so many places to look around the station that it’s hard to know where to begin. Now that you know that, here’s how to get to Caldera St. Station in Alan Wake 2 video game.

Location of Caldera St. Station: A Guide

Players will need to get out of the talk show studio when they first join Alan’s dream. They will end up on Ocean Avenue, close to Caldera St. Plaza, the big courtyard with the fountains in the middle. As you would expect from a New York subway station, the Caldera Subway Station is right in front of the Plaza. The first thing players should do is look for the plan of this place on one of the boards that line the street. If you haven’t already, open the map once it’s opened to find the Caldera Subway Station.

How To Unlock Caldera St. Station in Alan Wake 2

First Light Source

  1. From the talk show studio exit, head west to find the first light source above. Use the Angel Lamp to take the light from here.
  2. Now make your way to the east side of the map, towards Caldera St. Station.
  3. A little further east you will find the second light source near the traffic light, on the far right side of the subway entrance and right side of the Caldera St. Kiosk.

Second Light Source

  1. Go to the point on your map marked as Echo.
  2. Make your way up the stairs on the left side of the second light source and turn around to your right once you reach the top.
  3. Cross over the rails towards the red barricade and look to your left, you will spot a ladder you can climb.
  4. Take the flight of stairs on your right and go straight. Enter through the door and exit from the other side.
  5. Go to your right, then turn left, you will find a yellow arrow pointing up.
  6. Go up the stairs and turn right and keep heading towards the door under the Lost sign.
  7. Go up the stairs that lead to the exit then keep going straight till you come across a taxi.
  8. Take the light source from the taxi using the lamp, then enter the barricade door on the right side.
  9. Keep going straight till you reach the subway entrance and the Caldera St. Kiosk on your right.
  10. Place the light inside the flickering bulb on the left side of the Caldera Subway Kiosk and right side of the station entrance.

Third Light Source

  1. Final light source: Return to second point near subway’s right side.
  2. Place light inside bulb by traffic light.
  3. Descend stairs, apply light on station’s tubelight atop to illuminate it.

Secrets and Rewards at Caldera St. Station in Alan Wake 2


  • Environmental Puzzles: Look for things that you can interact with, like puzzles, switches, or levers that can be moved or triggered by light or certain actions. You might get story progress, entry to hidden areas, or even powerful items if you solve these.
Alan Wake 2: How To Unlock Caldera St. Station
  • Pages from a manuscript and echoes: Remember Alan’s work and how it made you think of things that happened in the past? There may be unfinished stories or echoes in the station that add to the story and help solve the riddle of Alan and the Dark Place.
  • Reality Changes: The Dark Place changes the truth. Watch out for areas that don’t look right, lights that flicker, or strange sounds. They might lead to hidden secrets or even different forms of the station.


  • Upgrades and Abilities: If you complete tasks or puzzles, you might get better crafting recipes, more health or stamina, or new combat skills that let you control light better.
  • Points of safety and security: Remember the cosy cabins from the first game? There might be similar safe places at Caldera St. Station where you can get more ammunition, save your progress, and get away from the growing darkness.


Where is the subway map in Alan Wake 2?

Go past this door and up the stairs into the next tunnel. You’ll find the right end of it. There is a save point and a jump scare here. The train station map can be found next to the door of the break room, which is outside the saving point.

Will Alan Wake 2 have new game plus?

Alan Wake 2 gets a new Game Plus mode called “The Final Draft.” “It’s not a loop, it’s a spiral,” says Remedy’s must-play walkthrough for the scary sequel. We finally put Alan Wake 2 out a little over a month ago, after years of hard work.

Will Alan Wake 2 have DLC?

Alan Wake 2, the second game in the famous series, will have downloadable content (DLC) and expansion packs for players. The game comes out on October 27 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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