Android 13: How to Customize Bedtime Mode

Bedtime mode has been a staple of the Pixel series for generations, but Android 13 takes it even further: the Pixel was the first device series to get Android 13, and Bedtime mode has several new features worth exploring. This guide will introduce you to those features and help you enable them on your device. Bedtime mode in Android is very simple.

In short, it is a digital well-being tool that helps you fall asleep at night. By setting Bedtime mode, you can turn on “sleep mode” at a specified time each night, dim the wallpaper, and turn on grayscale. In fact, Bedtime mode works very well and is a great addition to the Pixel. It makes nighttime a little easier and allows you to actually close your eyes.

Android 13: How to Customize Bedtime Mode

Each person is different, and with that, each user’s Bedtime mode preferences will differ as well. First, you’ll need to head to the Bedtime mode setting page on your device. Here’s how:

  • On the Pixel, swipe down twice from the home screen and tap the settings gear that appears to go to settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Digital Well-Being and Parental Controls”.
  • Tap Bedtime mode.

From this page, you will see several cards: the first is an information card, letting you know when the Bedtime mode is set, if it is. If you have not yet set it up, don’t worry. It is easy to set up.

Creating a routine

  • The Bedtime routine card is where you set the schedule for Bedtime mode, with several options for the schedule. You can set the Pixel to activate Bedtime mode while charging, or you can set a schedule in advance of the time you imagine yourself sleeping or trying to sleep.
  • Using a schedule will help you regularly aim for a certain bedtime and help you maintain good health. Tap “Use Schedule” to select a start time, end time, and day of the week to activate the bedtime mode. You will then be taken to the “Bedtime” page of the Clock app, where you can adjust them.
  • If you select “Turn on while charging,” the schedule set in the “Bedtime” page of the Clock app will still apply. If you charge your Pixel within the set time, bedtime mode will be turned on, so you don’t have to worry about bedtime mode being activated during the day every time you charge your Pixel.

Customizing what happens at Bedtime

  • Check out the next card. This card has several options for enabling the bedtime mode. First, there is an option to enable “good night mode” when bedtime mode is on. This is an excellent tool for limiting distractions in order to get some rest. This feature limits notifications from apps other than those specified in the “Goodnight Mode” settings.
  • Below is a new set of configurations that are included in Android 13. To change them, tap Screen options at bedtime. From here, you’ll see four options:
  • Grayscale
  • Keep the screen dark
  • Dim the wallpaper
  • Dark theme

Grayscale has been an option since the introduction of Pixel’s Bedtime mode in Android 12, but it is a useful feature, especially for nighttime phone use. Dimming the screen turns off the Always On display, which shows the time and some notification icons without generating much light, but if you have Do Not Disturb turned on, you won’t see many notification alerts.

The latest option is Dim Wallpaper, which does exactly what you think it does. Whatever your wallpaper is, it will darken itself at bedtime. A dark background won’t affect app icons, the Google search box, or other UI elements. It simply darkens your wallpaper. Simple, but this is a very useful new feature, especially if you want to avoid grayscale.


The “dark theme” changes to a light theme for daily use and a dark theme at night. Unfortunately, this setting forces the user to activate the light theme during the day and use the dark theme only when Bedtime mode is active. For users who generally prefer a light theme, this is more than sufficient for their bedtime routine.

I hope you understand this article, Android 13: How to Customize Bedtime Mode.

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