How to Fix ‘Android Studio Not Working’ issue

Fix ‘Android Studio Not Working’ issue: When you try to plug in your real device to Android Studio, the list of devices and emulators doesn’t always include it. Or, when you plugged the phone in for the first time, you might not have seen a message asking if you trust the computer.

But it is already okay for the laptop to connect to the mobile device. But clicking “Run” doesn’t let the app be sent to the connected device because it thinks there isn’t a connected device. So you might not know what’s wrong with the gadget. Just check the following settings before you do anything else. Setting up your system so that it can find your Android device

How to Fix ‘Android Studio Not Working’ issue

Reinstall Android Studio

  1. If all else fails, consider uninstalling and reinstalling Android Studio.
  2. Ensure that you have a backup of your projects and settings before uninstalling.
  3. After reinstalling Android Studio, import your projects and reconfigure the settings as needed.
  4. This step is a last resort and should only be done if other troubleshooting steps have been unsuccessful.

Update Android Studio

  1. Outdated versions of Android Studio may have bugs or compatibility issues that could cause problems.
  2. Check for updates for Android Studio.
  3. You can visit the official Android Studio website or use the built-in update mechanism to download and install the latest version.
  4. Updates often include bug fixes and improvements that can help resolve common issues.

Delete cache and preferences

  1. Corrupted or outdated cache and preference files can lead to instability in Android Studio.
  2. Deleting these files can help resolve various problems.
  3. Locate the Android Studio configuration directory on your computer.
  4. Delete the “caches” and “preferences” folders within the configuration directory.
  5. Relaunch Android Studio.
  6. Android Studio will create fresh configuration files upon relaunching.

Disable plugins and extensions

  1. Third-party plugins or extensions installed in Android Studio may sometimes conflict with the IDE or cause instability.
  2. Disable any recently installed or suspicious plugins/extensions.
  3. Restart Android Studio.
  4. If the issue is resolved, you can selectively enable plugins/extensions to identify the problematic one.

Check for conflicting software Certain software

  1. Running on your computer, such as antivirus software or firewalls, can interfere with Android Studio’s operations.
  2. Temporarily disable or configure such software to allow Android Studio to function properly.
  3. You can also try running Android Studio in compatibility mode or as an administrator to overcome compatibility issues.

Why Is Android Studio Not Working?

  • USB Debugging not enabled: Most Android phones have USB Debugging disabled by default. So, if you pick up one of these devices and connect it to your computer, Android Studio won’t know what it is.
  • Missing device drivers: For your phone and computer to talk to each other properly, your computer must have the right drivers for your phone. If these drivers aren’t there, Android Studio might not be able to find your phone.
  • Choosing the wrong USB mode: When you connect your phone to a computer, you may get a message asking you to choose a USB mode. When the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) mode is turned on for some devices, Android Studio won’t be able to find the device.
  • USB cable is broken or doesn’t send data: A broken USB cable or one that only sends power may charge your phone without any problems. But these cables don’t have the USB Debugging option, so Android Studio won’t be able to see your device when you use it. The same thing could happen if your device’s USB port is broken.
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