How to Appear Offline on Discord: Desktop and Mobile

Want to use Discord privately? Learn how to appear offline on both desktop and mobile apps.

The “Invisible” status feature in Discord lets users stay linked without drawing attention to themselves. Whether on a desktop computer or a Phone, this mode lets users move around the site without other people seeing that they are online. In this article we will talk about how to Appear Offline on Discord.

This function is very helpful for people who want to temporarily avoid conversations or just watch without talking. To become invisible on desktop, all you have to do is click on your name icon in the bottom left corner and choose “Invisible” from the dropdown menu. People on their phones can tap the profile icon in the bottom right area, go to “Set Status,” and select “Invisible.”

This feature makes sure that you can always get server changes and messages without having to act right away. You can control your online appearance with this subtle but effective tool. It helps you balance the need to be connected with the need for privacy and personal space in the digital world. For more information go their official website.

How to Appear Offline on Discord

On Desktop

  1. Go to the Discord website or open the Windows, Mac, or Linux app for Discord.
  2. Sign in if you haven’t already. Look for a picture of yourself with your position and username in the bottom left corner. Click on the picture.
  3. In the pop-up menu, select the “Invisible” state from the list.
  4. Verify that a grey circle sign under your picture indicates that you are now “invisible” or “offline.”

On Mobile

  1. Start up the Discord app on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. To get to the hamburger menu, tap the three lines in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. After that, click on your picture in the bottom right corner to get to “User Settings.”
  4. Tap “Online” next to “Set Status” in the “User Settings” screen when it comes up.
  5. The choice will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Choose “Invisible” from the list.
  6. Instead of the green dot that shows that you are online, your personal picture will have a grey circle around it to show that you are offline.

Why Appear Offline on Discord?

Privacy and power:

  • Taking a break: Users may want to use Discord from time to time without feeling like they have to talk to anyone. By making it look like they are offline, they can check their messages, browse servers, or even join secret chats without letting everyone know they are available.
How to Appear Offline on Discord: Desktop and Mobile
  • Avoiding unwanted interactions: This can help someone who doesn’t want to be flooded with voice chat or message requests, especially when they are busy.
  • Focusing on a task: Looking like you’re not online can help keep people from bothering you by letting them know you’re not looking for talk.

Streaming or making content:

  • Focusing on the audience: Streamers or content makers may choose to look like they’re not online so that friends or acquaintances don’t bother them while they’re live. This lets them fully interact with their viewers.

Benefits of Using the “Appear Offline” Feature

Safety and Privacy:

  • Reduce interruptions: If you make yourself look like you’re not online, you can use Discord without feeling like you have to answer voice calls or texts right away. This can help when you need to concentrate, are busy, or just want some peace and quiet.
  • Manage your availability: You can pick who can see your online state, so you can pick and choose who you can talk to.
  • Avoid getting too much attention: If you want to avoid getting too many messages or voice chat requests on big servers or with certain people, making it look like you’re offline can help.

Usage for Strategy:

  • Privacy in gaming: In some games, making it look like you’re offline can keep other players from knowing you’re online, which could give you a strategic edge.
  • Keep your anonymity: If you’re starting a new server or talking to people you don’t know, pretending to be offline can help you see how the community works before you get involved.

Tips for Managing Your Online Presence on Discord

  • Review your privacy settings: Control who can see your online status, profile information, and activity. Discord allows you to adjust these settings both globally and for individual servers.
  • Choose a strong username and password: Avoid using personal information or easily guessable words. Consider using a password manager for secure storage.
  • Be mindful of what you share: Remember, anything you post on Discord can be screenshotted or shared elsewhere. Avoid sharing sensitive information like addresses, phone numbers, or passwords.
  • Be cautious of direct messages: Don’t accept friend requests or direct messages from people you don’t know or trust. Be wary of clicking on links or downloading files sent by unknown users.


Does Discord mobile always show online?

Unless you tell Discord otherwise, you appear as Online when actively using the app. That means if you have the Discord window open, and you’re typing, on a call, or moving the mouse around as you browse your servers, you appear as Online to other users.

Does invisible on Discord show offline?

Pick “Invisible” (the grey dot) if you want to be completely offline, so no one can see you. You will no longer show up as an active member of your group. You’ll still be able to browse Discord and even write your friends, though. There will be no sign that you’re online.

Can you tell if someone is online on Discord?

Like a lot of other chat apps, Discord has a typing icon that lets you know in real time when someone is typing a message. Look for the typing indicator on all of your shared sites and groups. It means the person is online even if their status says they are offline if you see the sign.

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