How to Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working: 7 Easy Methods

Don’t know how to use your Apple TV remote? No matter if you’re having problems sometimes, all the time, or just with the volume buttons. Depending on which Apple TV you bought, you may have the older black Siri Remote or the newer aluminium Siri Remote. The newer one has either a Lightning port or a USB-C port for charging. The older black remote charged with Lightning.

If you bought a 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV between 2010 and 2013, you may have the old aluminium Apple TV Remote that uses a coin cell battery. You use your Apple smart TV remote for a lot of your entertainment, so it’s understandable that when Apple TV Remote Not Working, you might get a little grumpy.

Don’t worry too much if the remote for your Apple TV doesn’t work. If your Apple TV remote (or Siri Remote) isn’t working right, you might not be able to watch shows or choose apps. We’ll tell you why it might be happening and what you can do about it, starting with the steps you should try first.

If you have an Apple TV box, you know how convenient it is to be able to control everything on your big screen with just that box. Your remote controls everything: live TV, your favourite shows and movies from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, games, workouts, photos, and music. For more fixes visit their official website.

How to Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working

How to Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working

Remove interference

Have you kept your Apple TV near multiple Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, and other wireless devices? In this case, your remote may work fine, but its signal may be weak because there are too many network signals. So, get rid of any noise around the Apple TV and see if it can now receive signals from the remote.

Restart the Apple TV remote

  • Press and hold the TV button and the volume down button for 5 seconds.
  • Now, the status light on your Apple TV will go out, and you will see a message that says “Connection Lost.”
  • Wait ten seconds for the remote to start up again and a “Connected” pop-up to appear.

Charge your remote or replace battery

The most common reason why an Apple TV remote won’t work is that the battery is dead. The latest Apple TV remotes have built-in batteries that can be charged. Even if you haven’t used it much, the batteries can still run out.

So, use a Lightning to USB cable or charging stand to connect it to your Mac or USB wall adapter and charge it for at least 30 minutes. Then check to see if it works. The old Apple TV remote is powered by cell coin batteries that can be taken out. So, bring a new set of batteries to replace the ones you already have.

Restart your Apple TV

If your remote works, you need to fix your Apple TV. First, turn it off and on again to reset it without a remote, and then see if it works again. It’s the best way to fix it if your remote works fine but your Apple TV can’t pick up the signal.

  • Turn off Apple TV and pull the plug out of the wall.
  • Let’s wait 15 seconds.
  • Again, plug the Apple TV in and turn it on. When the home screen comes up, try to use the remote.

Pair the Remote with Apple TV Again

For Siri remote users:

  • Point your remote in the direction of your Apple TV.
  • Press and hold the remote’s Menu and Volume Up buttons for five seconds.
  • If asked, keep the remote on top of your Apple TV and finish pairing.

For Aluminum or white remote users:

  • Press the Menu button and the Right button and hold them down for about six seconds.
  • On your TV screen, look for a link icon.
  • Press the button on your Apple TV remote. If it flashes three times in a row, you have already paired another remote with your TV.

Reset Remote and Apple TV Connection

  • Unplug the Apple TV, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in.
  • Try again to use the remote.
  • Users of the Siri remote can reset it by pressing the Menu button and the Volume button at the same time. This will turn the remote off and on again, putting it back into pairing mode.

Update Apple TV

  • Go to Settings of your Apple TV.
  • Choose System → Software Updates → Update Software.

What Causes an Apple TV Remote to Not Work?

When an Apple TV remote stops working, it is usually because of a problem with the battery or with the way it is connected. There may be a problem with the remote or its battery, or the remote may not be able to connect to the Apple TV for some other reason. The remote might need to be paired, there might be a source of interference that you need to get rid of, or either the remote or Apple TV might have broken down.


Why is my TV remote not working?

Make sure that none of the buttons are stuck or jammed. The battery terminals on the remote may be dirty. Take out the batteries and clean the remote’s contacts with a cotton swab or soft cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol. Then put the batteries back in.

Why has my Apple remote stopped working?

When the remote that comes with Apple’s set-top box stops working, it’s usually because of a hardware problem, in which case the remote needs to be replaced, or because the battery needs to be charged with the Lightning or USB-C cable that comes with the remote.

How long does an Apple TV Remote last?

How long will it take and how long will it last? It will take about two to two and a half hours for your Apple TV remote to be fully charged. But this depends on how low the battery was before it was charged. A fully charged battery should last about a month if it is used normally.

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