Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Enter Rosymorn Monastery

Looking for a way to enter Rosymorn Monastery in Baldur's Gate 3? Follow our step-by-step guide and you'll be inside in no time.

The Enter Rosymorn Monastery in Baldur’s Gate 3, despite the fact that many players may have trouble locating and making their way to the location. It is not surprising that this is the case given that it requires some effort and time to finish all of the puzzles in order to enter it.

In the third installment of the Baldur’s Gate series, players who opt to take Lae’Zel’s advice and remove the parasite from their main character’s head will be required to visit Rosymorn Monastery at some point during the quest because it serves an important purpose.

Naturally, however, given that the game offers an infinite number of possibilities, you may also come across the location during the course of your exploration, and you may find yourself curious about what is contained within. To put that into perspective for you, there is some pretty sweet loot on the inside.

Rosymorn Monastery location in BG3

On the BG3 world map, the Rosymorn Monastery is in the Mountain Pass area. West of Waukeen’s Rest, you can enter the Mountain Pass. From Mountain Pass, take the path that leads to Trielta Crags. Use the image of the map below to get a better idea of where it is. From here, keep going north-east on this path. You can get to the Rosymorn Monastery by this path.

Baldur's Gate 3: How To Enter Rosymorn Monastery

You can also find Lady Esther near the beginning of this path. She will ask you to steal a Githyanki egg. There is a cable car on your way. The Strength check must be passed before you can use the Electric Car. This is the fastest way to get to BG3’s Rosymorn Monastery. There is a rough rock right next to you that you can use to safely fall off the cliff if you fail the strength check.

How To Enter Rosymorn Monastery in Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Move out of the courtyard and away from the door. Turn to face the door. Follow the left passage to the rocks.
  2. Then jump down using “jump”. Turn around and follow this path until you reach a rock that blocks your way.
  3. Vines grow next to the blocking rock. Climb them and go to the broken fountain next to the wall.
  4. Jump through the wall break to the other wall. Enter the corridor with the enchanted door. After that, turn left at the corridor end.
  5. After passing the corridor, you will enter an intriguing hall. We’ll explain later. You must climb a broken window to reach a broken floor in this hall.
  6. You will see a passage below when you arrive. Get down there with a fall damage-resistant spell or teleportation/flying scroll.
  7. Down in the main hall, you’ll see the door and a lever to open it.

About the Game

Larian Studios skilfully made and released Baldur’s Gate 3, a role-playing video game that a lot of people are looking forwards to. The game, which is the third in the renowned Baldur’s Gate series, is set in the complex world of Dungeons & Dragons, a popular tabletop role-playing system that has been captivating fans for decades. If you know more details about this, than you can check on official website.

The journey of the game began with its first release in early access on October 6, 2020, for macOS, Windows, and Stadia environments. During this early access period, players could fully immerse themselves in Baldur’s Gate 3’s world as it changed, getting a taste of the captivating story and gameplay that were to come.

The ultimate result of this creative work came on August 3, 2023, when the full Windows version of Baldur’s Gate 3 was released to the public. This was an important step forwards because it let players experience the finished adventure that the developers at Larian Studios had worked so hard on.


What is the device on top of Rosymorn monastery?

When you get to the roof of Rosymorn Monastery, look for the big machine that has Knotted Roots all around it. An eagle pair will be here, and you’ll have to fight them if you don’t know a lot about animals. The weapon is lying around in the nest.

What were the 4 things monasteries provided?

In the Middle Ages, monks and nuns did a lot of useful things. They housed travellers, took care of the sick, and helped. Abbots and abbesses gave secular rulers advice. But monasticism also gave people a spiritual way to express themselves and an ideal, which had big effects on mediaeval culture as a whole.

Who is the first monk in the world?

Paulus the Hermit (c. 230-342) was the first Christian monk known by name to history. Eventually, many adopted a modified eremitic existence, living as hermits but near each other for occasional gatherings and support.

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