Armored Core 6: How to Beat Smart Cleaner Boss

Get tips and strategies for beating the Smart Cleaner boss in Armored Core 6

As soon as you finish Chapter 1 of Armored Core 6 Beat Smart Cleaner Boss, Handler Walter will leave to take care of some “loose ends.” So, the player and the mysterious voice in their head have some time to do missions by themselves. They decide to do something about it and go to the Ice Field by themselves, where the Coral seems to be flowing.

Because of this, the player sneaks into an area called “Grid 086” for Balam Industries. One of the many groups in Armored Core 6 controls this area. They are called “The Dosers.” These bad guys treat Coral like a drug. They will have to fight their way through Dosers and a number of traps set by their leader, one of which is an automated attack robot. It might be hard to fight this “Smart Cleaner” because its crushing arms can do a lot of damage.

What Is Smart Cleaner In Armored Core 6

The Smart Cleaner is a tough boss in Armored Core 6 that you meet in Chapter 2. This huge machine is known for its deadly arm attacks that make mulch and its ability to shoot fire from its smokestack. Its powerful attack can destroy less-armored Armored Cores with just one hit, even though it is mostly grounded. An important weakness is that it is very easy for enemies to attack from the air, so aerial tactics are an important part of any good battle plan.

How to Beat Smart Cleaner Boss in Armored Core 6

  1. Point at the enemy.
  2. Aim for the back hole.
  3. To knock out the boss, shoot the missiles inside the hole.
  4. Aim for the red square in front of the boss when you are spread out.
  5. This is the second phase. Wait for the boss to shoot things from its back, then do it again.

Best AC build for the Smart Cleaner

The goal of this AC build is to float in the air for a long time while sending damage straight down the Smart Cleaner’s smokestack. The laser shotgun does great damage and can fire quickly or be charged up. The vertical missile launchers on each shoulder make it easy to hit the Cleaner where it’s weakest, and the bazooka does great damage when it hits something.

Armored Core 6: How to Beat Smart Cleaner Boss
  1. Right arm weapon: Laser shotgun
  2. Left arm weapon: Bazooka or plasma blade
  3. Back weapons: Vertical missile launchers (at least one)
  4. Legs: Tetrapod
  5. Booster: Prioritize thrust
  6. Generator: Prioritize EN capacity
  7. FCS: Prioritize medium-range assist

Best Strategy To Defeat Smart Cleaner Boss In Armored Core 6

  • Use the right weapons. The Smart Cleaner is resistant to kinetic and explosive damage, but it is weak to energy damage. Use weapons that deal energy damage, such as plasma cannons and laser rifles.
  • Stay mobile. The Smart Cleaner is a very fast and agile boss. It can close the gap between you and it quickly, so it is important to stay mobile and avoid getting caught in its attacks.
  • Use your environment to your advantage. The boss arena is littered with debris and obstacles. Use these to your advantage to block the Smart Cleaner’s attacks and to create distance between you and it.
  • Target the weak points. The Smart Cleaner has a few weak points, including its head, back, and arms. Aim for these weak points to deal more damage.
  • Be patient.Β The Smart Cleaner is a tough boss, so don’t expect to defeat it quickly. Be patient and keep chipping away at its health until it goes down.

Buying the Armored Core 6 game: Instructions

You can purchase the game from the online retailer


What is the armored core smart cleaner weakness?

Software From This Armored Core 6 attack from the Smart Cleaner is easy to avoid. To beat Smart Cleaner in Armored Core 6, you can only hit one of its two weak spots: the red vent in front or the top of its head, where molten lava comes out.

What is the most powerful Armored Core?

One of the best weapons in Armored Core 6 is also the only one on this list that the player is given for free. This is the last battle in Chapter 3. The mission is called “Destroy the Ice Worm,” and it gives players the Stun Needle Launcher to, believe it or not, kill an Ice Worm.

How fast is the Armored Core?

When the overbooster(s) are turned on, plates or panels on the back of the Armored Core will open to reveal them. The overbooster(s) will charge for a short time before exploding and speeding the Armored Core up to speeds close to 900mph (about Mach 1.15), depending on the core and the overbooster.

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