Benefits of Digitizing Your Food

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In the last decade, online food ordering has rapidly grown to become the preferred option for many people. It is not only faster, but also more convenient and gives customers the option to search for menus, food reviews, etc. online instead of trying to coordinate a phone conversation with a busy restaurant worker. For this reason, it is not only convenient but expected for a restaurant to provide as much information online as possible, especially its most recent menu. For restaurants that still only use paper menus or whose digital menus are out of date, it becomes vital to switch to digital as soon as possible.

When we think of food, we rarely think about how technology and food production can be synchronized. As scattered as these two industries may seem, with growing demand, technology has recently evolved to play a key role in the food and beverage space. Innovation in technology enables faster food production, making products affordable and of superior quality. In this article we tell you what are the benefits of digitizing your food.

Benefits of digitizing your food

Labeling of digital products

In the food business, digitized product labels with QR (quick response) codes are rapidly gaining traction. They can be instantly scanned using a smartphone app to provide immediate, accurate and up-to-date information on food product composition or ingredients, date and place of manufacture, or the results of any appropriate food safety testing that has been conducted. done. place. taken. Digital product labels are also nearly impossible to alter or replicate, which is especially critical for food varieties that are vulnerable to counterfeiting.

Greater order accuracy

Digital menus also increase ordering accuracy. When a user can select a menu item directly instead of trying to communicate over the phone, the risk of making a mistake is greatly reduced. This lowers the cost of having to ship a replacement order or, worse yet, lose a customer.

Rich customer experience

Offering top-notch customer service should be the main motto of any business. Especially in the restaurant and hospitality sector, it is the most important. To improve the customer experience with the brand, digital products are playing an important role. Customers are always looking for quick and easy solutions to their problems.

For example, restaurants are now leveraging chatbots on their apps and websites to resolve customer queries faster and collect customer information. With the help of social media, restaurants can ask customers for feedback so they can improve services and products. Similarly, branded apps and websites are used for internet marketing, establishing a strong online presence, etc.

Digital menus get more orders

We have all heard the well-known proverb, a picture is worth a thousand words. Customer preferences have been changing, so it’s time to replace your paper menu with a digital menu. In addition to serving good quality food, you must also focus on the needs of the customer. Attractive images with prices attract people’s attention and make them hungry.

Easier to upgrade

Digital menus can be updated frequently in creative and fun ways. They can be updated to include new deals, combos, deals, or price adjustments that could be delayed in print due to cost or other factors. For larger restaurant chains, the benefit of restaurant menu digitization is even greater due to the volume of menus in circulation.

Record keeping and data

Systems can be used to maintain records on the provenance of food ingredients, such as country of origin, producer-specific information, food inspection, testing and certification results, as well as production and lot codes of production. Records are securely stored in an online ledger and can be easily retrieved by authorized users.

Food safety specialists can more easily detect potential safety risks using digital technology solutions, which have significant advantages over legacy methods of collecting and maintaining a wide range of current food safety data. The problem is that all these food industry innovations also create new challenges when it comes to providing food safety and safe food.

Final words: Benefits of Digitizing Your Food

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