Benefits of installing cameras for truck drivers

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The transportation industry has experienced significant technological advances in the last decade. From electronic logging devices and collision mitigation systems to trailer tracking and driver scorecards, technology now plays a key role in a car transport company’s risk management strategies. A device that is becoming more common in the trucking industry is the video event recorder. A video event recorder, also known as a dashcam, on-board event recorder, or event data recorder, is a small video camera mounted on the dash, windshield, or other convenient location in the truck.

They can look inward to monitor the driver, look outward, toward the road, or both. Depending on the brand, a video event recorder can record the seconds before an event (such as an accident) or as scheduled by the car transporter. Integrating with other fleet management software, such as an electronic logging device or electronic vehicle control module, a video event recorder can offer unique operational benefits to a car transport company. These are some examples of how this technology can be used for the benefit of the company.

Benefits of installing cameras for truckers

driver monitoring

Tranquility and responsibility of the driver. Many dashcams only record one angle, but dual-view driver surveillance dashcams record the interior and exterior of the vehicle with 2 camera lenses. When drivers know they may be being watched, they are more likely to be on their best behavior. This means that drivers remain alert behind the wheel and their vehicles are well cared for. It also greatly reduces handling errors and cell phone use. With features like Visual Telematics, fleet managers can view live video clips from their vehicles.

employee fraud

Whether it’s driver fraud or insurance fraud, it’s something that will cost your business money. Crash-for-cash scams, in which a motorist applies the brakes in front of a commercial vehicle and causes an accident, have been around for years, costing businesses money and time and endangering other drivers on the road.

Having a camera makes it much harder for scammers to take advantage of you. Vehicle security cameras such as the AI ​​Dash Cam have settings that can trigger recording at different times or when triggered by the G-force of a car accident.

GPS tracking

Never lose sight of a vehicle. Monitor driver routes with built-in GPS. Track each vehicle and see where it is. Real-time GPS and video monitoring can help businesses ensure their fleet is where it’s supposed to be. Make sure drivers don’t take company vehicles off the road or to run personal errands. Personal miles can add up quickly and your company can be held liable for damage to your vehicle, either with your knowledge or without your knowledge.

Provide additional security

Cameras not only provide important evidence when the vehicle is involved in an accident, they can also serve as security when the car is parked. The driver or fleet management can set the camera to turn on when motion around the truck is detected and this could help record hit and run, vandalism, attempted break-ins, etc. In this way, the driver can feel calmer and safer when parking. the vehicle in an unattended place. The driver can rest easy as every activity around the car is recorded. The records can be used as evidence to narrow down the cause of the harm or misconduct.

Final words: Benefits of installing cameras for truck drivers

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