How to Boost Kick in Armored Core 6: brutal bouts await

Land devastating blows! Learn the secrets of the powerful Boost Kick in Armored Core 6.

After planting your foot in the face of an enemy mech, the Armored Core 6 Boost Kick ability is a wonderful technique to slam around enemy mechs, giving you a short edge over them. It may not be particularly effective when dealing with the major bosses, but when you are duelling other ACs, it is an essential tool in your arsenal that gives free stuns.

Furthermore, what could be more entertaining than punting an opponent who is both arrogant and unaware of what you are doing? If you are still in the beginning stages of the game, it is likely that you have not yet defeated Balteus. However, the good news is that once you have defeated him, there are a number of secret parts that you may uncover to obtain in order to improve your mech. Aside from that, this is how you kick yourself in Armoured Core 6.

How to Boost Kick in Armored Core 6

  1. Players need to clear Chapter 1 till they reach the Arena.
  2. Once you reach that location, you will be able to use the OS Tuning option of AC6.
  3. In order to unlock Boost Kick in Armored Core 6, you will have to spend one OS Tuning Chip and unlock the kick mechanism for your mech.
  4. Additionally, you don’t have to equip this move separately since it gets directly added to your move set.
  5. Since you won’t have to spend any ammo while using the Boost Kick, it’s absolutely vital that you learn to use this move quickly.

How to Use Boost Kick

  • This move requires tight locking onto your opponents. Though straightforward from afar, this melee move is difficult to execute.
  • Lock on and rush towards your target utilising the Assault Boost until you reach its body.
  • Finally, kick the body hard to conclude the attack. This melee assault deals huge damage due to your mech’s weight and sprinting speed.
  • This move is great for stagger hits.
  • After unlocking, this perk is added to your moveset. Early in the game, you can easily get it, which should benefit later on.

Effectively Executing the Boost Kick

  • Target Lock-On: Make sure you have a hard lock on your target before you use Boost Kick. This helps you make a clear connection.
How to Boost Kick in Armored Core 6
  • Getting the Assault Boost to work: Pressing the L3 button while going forward will start the Assault Boost. This gets your Boost Kick ready to go.
  • Executing the Kick: To use the Kick, press the L3 button again as you get closer to your target. This does the Kick, which stuns the opponent and sets up possible follow-up moves.
  • Timing Is Key: Remember that time is very important. By practicing the routine, you’ll be able to do it without any problems during intense battles.
  • Different kinds of Boost Kicks: Remember that different mechs have different leg shapes, which

About the Game

Armoured Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is a tough but fun action role-playing game with deep mech battles and a big world to explore.

GenreAction RPG, Mecha combat
PlatformPC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
Release DateDecember 8, 2023
SettingDesolate planet with remnant technology
Check Price for PS5


What is quick boost ac6?

A type of boosting called “Quick Boost” was first seen in Armoured Core 4. Another type of move that NEXTs can do is this one. A quick boost, as the name suggests, is a strong, immediate thrust from the NEXT’s boosters that gives you a burst of speed in a second.

Is Armored Core 6 Soulslike?

Players have said that Armoured Core 6 is a lot like Souls, even though it’s not. This hasn’t stopped them from comparing it to FromSoftware’s other famous games, which made them one of the most well-known game makers.

Where can I boost my kick?

You will need to boost the kick drum’s basic frequency, which is usually between 40hz and 100hz, to make it feel like it’s hitting you hard in the chest. With Waves Q10 EQ, use a bell curve filter to scan this range and find the sweet spot. Then, use a focused Q to boost.

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