How to Build a Tank in Tears of the Kingdom

How to Build a Tank in Tears of the Kingdom: With the crafting system in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players can use their creativity to build vehicles. The game also has an interesting and unique skill called “Ultrahand,” which lets users control, move, or rearrange objects. Players are free to use this interesting ability in any way they want, which gives them a lot of freedom.

The gaming community has given The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s gameplay mechanics a lot of attention and praise. Gamers are using the Ultrahand skill to make vehicles and war machines that are amazing and unique. This shows how smart they are in unexpected ways.

How to Build a Tank in Tears of the Kingdom

Discovery by a Talented Reddit User

  • Talented Reddit user discovered this intricate build.

Tank Description

  • This advanced Tank is highly defensive.
  • It allows Link to get behind cover while driving it.
How to Build a Tank in Tears of the Kingdom
  • It also has offensive devices that can shoot at any enemy in your way.

List of Zonai Devices

  • List of said devices will be provided below.
  • Prepare for the complicated build you’ll have to create.

Autobuild Ability

  • If you have the Autobuild ability, you can recreate this after building it once.

Understanding Tank Roles and Mechanics

  1. Tank Roles in Tears of the Kingdom: Tanks fulfill specific roles within the game and contribute to the team’s overall strategy. Understanding these roles is crucial for effective gameplay.
  2. Main Tank: The Main Tank is responsible for absorbing damage and drawing aggro from enemies. They have high survivability and are positioned at the front line to protect the team.
  3. Off-Tank: The Off-Tank provides additional support to the Main Tank. They assist in soaking damage, but also contribute to damage dealing or crowd control. Off-Tanks often have more versatility in their abilities.
  4. Tank Mechanics: Tanks utilize threat generation mechanics to control enemy aggression. They generate high threat or aggro to keep enemies focused on them. Tank mechanics may involve abilities like taunts or aggression-inducing skills.
  5. Tanking Strategies: Tanks employ positioning and awareness to control the battlefield. They strategically position themselves to protect vulnerable team members. Tanks also coordinate with healers and DPS classes to optimize overall team performance.
  6. Adaptation and Flexibility: Tanks need to adapt to different encounters and adjust their strategies accordingly. They may switch between Main Tank and Off-Tank roles based on the situation. Flexibility is crucial for success as a tank in Tears of the Kingdom.

Pros and Cons of Playing Tears of the Kingdom


  1. Tears of the Kingdom offers an immersive gaming experience with its rich storytelling, captivating world, and engaging quests.
  2. The game features stunning visuals, bringing the fantasy world of Tears of the Kingdom to life.
  3. Players can choose from a wide range of character classes, each with unique abilities, playstyles, and progression paths.


  1. ears of the Kingdom may have a steep learning curve, especially for new players, due to its complex mechanics and depth of gameplay.
  2. The game can be time-consuming, requiring significant time investment to progress and fully experience all the content it offers.
  3. Some players may find the game to have a grind-heavy progression system, where repetitive tasks are necessary to advance.


What does tank build mean?

said to mean that someone is very big and strong, or that something has been made very well and very solidly, and will last for a long time. Nick’s built like a tank and lots of people are afraid of him when they first meet him, but he’s actually a really friendly, gentle guy.

Can you make a tank in tears of the kingdom?

The most surprising thing is how many Zonai devices it takes to build the tank. It only takes six small wheels, four carts, three sleds, two beam emitters, one spring, one steering wheel, one cannon, and one stake to help with the building process.

Will Tears of the Kingdom have breakable weapons?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom solves Breath of the Wild’s weapon durability problem but not the way you expect… Weapon durability can be a decent idea on paper, but it requires additional mechanics and tweaks to balance out the experience.

What are the three types of tanks?

The most common types of storage tanks used to store liquids are as follows: Fixed-roof tanks. External floating roof tanks. Internal floating roof tanks.

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