Dave The Diver: How To Catch Horned Parrotfish

Catch the Horned Parrotfish in Dave the Diver and earn a reward from Udo.

In Dave The Diver, you will spend most of your time underwater, and there will be a lot of fish for you to catch. At the beginning of the game, every fish you catch can be sold or used as an ingredient in the Sushi restaurant. However, Udo will ask you to get a certain fish at some point. If you want to Catch Horned Parrotfish in Dave The Diver.

This feature will become available when you reach a certain point in the main quest and give the NPC a bunch of pictures. One of these special fish is the Humphead/Horned Parrotfish. You can only find them when FishMon gives you a task to catch them.

Horned Parrot Fish Location in Dave the Diver

First of all, the Horned Parrot Fish, also known as the Warrior Parrotfish, is usually found in the shallow water on the right side of the ocean, between 30 and 50 meters deep. It usually spawns on weekends, and the game will tell you to “Hunt Horned Parrot Fish” before it does.

How To Catch Horned Parrotfish in Dave The Diver

  1. Stay far away and use weapons with long range to hit them from behind.
  2. Keeping a safe distance from them will make it easy to avoid being hit, and you’ll only need a few shots to kill them.
  3. Harpoons can also be used in this way to knock them out for a while.
  4. Using melee weapons to catch and harvest the fish is another good way to do it.
  5. From the start of the game, players will have the survival knife. Even though we think you should try to find better melee weapons.
  6. The Tranquilizer Gun can also be used to put the Horned Parrotfish to sleep.
  7. Even though it will take some time to calm down the target, you will have to catch it quickly once you have.
  8. Explosives like the Net Bomb or the Sticky Bomb Gun will be the last way to catch the fish for good.
  9. After that, take what’s left of the fish.

About the Game

In Dave the Diver, players take control of Dave, a scuba diver who has to explore the depths of the ocean. Players have to do different things, like find lost treasure, collect samples, and take pictures.

GenreCasual diving simulation game
DeveloperUnderdog Interactive
PublisherCurve Digital
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Release dateAugust 4, 2022
Visit Website

Dave’s Adventures with Horned Parrotfish

Dave the Diver was exploring the bottom of the ocean when he found a group of Horned Parrotfish. With their bright colors and unique horns, the fish were very pretty. Dave was surprised by how big and graceful they were, so he decided to follow them. Dave followed the fish until they got to a coral reef, where they started to eat.

how the fish picked at the coral and ate bits of food from it. He found out that Horned Parrotfish eat plants and are an important part of the coral reef ecosystem because they help keep the coral healthy. The fish swam away after a while, and Dave kept going on his way. He was glad he got to see these amazing creatures, and he knew he would never forget his adventures with the Horned Parrotfish.


Where is boat wreckage Dave the Diver?

To find the yellow delivery shipwreck, you need to dive straight down as soon as you get into the water. When you get to about 100m depth, it should be easy to spot. You’ll have to go a long way down and pass some dangerous fish, so make sure you have the right upgrades to get there safely.

How do you catch a horned parrotfish?

We found that the Hush Dart was the best choice. Wait for the Horned Parrotfish to run at you, then shoot it quickly from behind with a Hush Dart. It will go to sleep in a few seconds, giving you a chance to catch it.

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