Exoprimal: How to Change Exosuits

Learn how to switch between Exosuits to become the best dinosaur hunter in Exoprimal.

Players of Exoprimal have a wide variety of powerful and fashionable Exosuits to choose from, covering all three classes of characters: Assault, Support, and Tank. If you want to know How to Change Exosuits in Exoprimal. It is possible for players to quickly find their preferred suits in Exoprimal, but it is also beneficial for players to level up their exosuits in all three classes. This ensures that players are ready for any scenario and are best equipped to handle it.

In Exoprimal, having the ability to switch between different suits can mean the difference between a glorious victory and the dinosaur crunch that comes with a failed mission. It is up to the player to put each of Exoprimal’s best Exosuits through their paces and determine which combination of rigs and mods, as well as which of the suit’s abilities, corresponds best with their preferred method of gameplay.

Once players have learned the mechanics, equipping and switching exosuits in Exoprimal is easy and can have a significant impact on the gameplay, which focuses on collaboration between players.

How to Change Exosuits in Exoprimal

  1. Exoprimal’s tutorial and story cutscenes must be completed.
  2. Afterward, you can participate in your first online match.
  3. During an online game of Exoprimal, you have the ability to switch Exosuits using the ‘T’ key.
  4. If you are on PC, press “T” to view the available Exosuits.
  5. This functionality is accessible even during training, allowing you to experiment with new suits.
  6. On a new screen, all the Exosuits and their respective classes (Assault, Tank, Support) are displayed.
  7. You have the flexibility to modify both your Exosuit and your Rig.
  8. The Rig refers to your equipment enabling new and diverse capabilities.
  9. It’s important to change Exosuits before the match concludes, specifically before the countdown reaches zero.
  10. During this countdown, you and your team can strategize your team composition.

About the Game

GenreThird-person shooter
PlatformPlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC
Release date14 July 2023
ModeSingle-player, multiplayer
Check Price for PS5

Tools Required for Exosuit Replacement

  • Exosuit Key: The Exosuit Key is a special tool that lets people get into Exosuits and fix them. It is a small, portable device that can do many things, such as:
    • Opening the Exosuit’s doors
    • Fixing damage to the Exosuit
    • Improving Exosuit skills
  • Exosuit Workbench: The Exosuit Workbench is a large, stationary tool used to fix and improve Exosuits. Most of the time, it is in safe places like the Exosuit Hangar. The Exosuit Workbench has a number of machines and tools that can be used to fix damage to an Exosuit.
Exoprimal: How to Change Exosuits
  • Torches for welding
  • Saws, screwdrivers, and grinders


If you change the default exosuit in Exoprimal, you can do a lot of different things. This lets you show your personality and make the game more fun for you. By following the steps in this guide, players will be able to confidently change their default exosuit and start their adventure feeling like they own it and with style.


How do you unlock Exoprimal Exosuit?

Players can do one of two things to get this new Exoprimal Exosuit variation. To get this suit for free, players must first reach level 20 and then buy it with 5,000 BikCoin. BikCoin is the currency used in the game to buy upgrades, items, and more.

Can I buy an exoskeleton?

Exoskeletons improve function, mobility, and productivity. They also keep workers from getting hurt on the job from making the same, hard movements over and over again. The general public can buy a full-body exoskeleton for between $70,000 and $85,500.

What is the oldest known armor?

The Dendra panoply is the oldest piece of Western armor that we know of. It was made around 1400 BC during the Mycenaean era. Mail, also called “chainmail,” is made of iron rings that are linked together and can be riveted or welded shut. It is thought that the Celts in Europe came up with it around 500 BC.

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