How to Change iPhone Screensaver

Most people spend a good chunk of their day looking at their phones. Because of this, it’s important to be able to customise phone with the apps and settings you want, as well as the image (or images) you want as your phone’s wallpaper. If you have an iPhone, it’s easy and quick to change Change iPhone Screensaver. Even better, you can choose different pictures for your home screen and lock screen, or you can use the same picture for both. This article is about How to Change iPhone Screensaver.

Apple released iOS 16 along with a bunch of new features. Users can now add widgets to their lock screens, pull out an image from a photo, and translate text directly from pictures in their photo library. Many of these features are only available on iOS 16 and can’t be used on an iPhone with iOS 15. To use them, you’ll need to update the operating system. This can be done on any iPhone made after the iPhone 8, and you can get to it by going to Settings > Software Update.

With iOS 16, you can set your wallpaper and customise your lock screen in a lot of new ways. You can choose dynamic astronomy and weather backgrounds, emoji art, photo album shuffles, add widgets, and more. But it’s not as easy as it used to be to set a different picture as the wallpaper for your home screen and lock screen. For more information visit their official site.

How to Change iPhone Screensaver

How to Change iPhone Screensaver
  • Open Photos app.
  • If you press hard on your Lock screen, your iPhone’s Lock Screen/Wallpaper options will show up.
  • Tap the plus sign in the lower right corner of the device.
  • Pick the background you want to use. These are put into different groups, such as Featured, Suggested Photos, and others.
  • On the next screen, you can make a number of changes. First, change the colour of the background. You can choose between natural, black-and-white, duotone, and colour wash.
  • You can change the top widget by tapping the date at the top.
  • To add a widget to your Lock Screen, choose “Add widget.” Up to four widgets of different sizes can be added.
  • You can change the font of the time by clicking on it.
  • When you’re done, tap Add.
  • Choose Set as Wallpaper Pair if you want the background image on both the Home screen and the Lock screen to be the same. If not, tap Home Screen and make changes.
  • You can choose a different background for your Home Screen, and you can also change its colour and gradient. You can also blur the background of the Home Screen.

Set Picture as Background on iPhone

  • Open Photos.
  • Select the photo you wish to use as your wallpaper.
  • Tap the share button.
  • Select Use as Wallpaper.
  • Here, you can drag and zoom in or out to change the photo.
  • The Perspective Zoom button is in the middle of the bottom of your screen. If you tap it and see “Perspective Zoom: Off,” your background won’t move.
  • When you tilt your iPhone 14 or iPad, the wallpaper will change if you tap and see “Perspective Zoom: On.”
  • If this is a Live Photo, you can also turn it on or off depending on whether or not you want it to move when you press on it. Tap the button for Live Photo to turn this on or off.
  • Once you’re happy, touch Set. Tap Cancel if you don’t like it.
  • Tap Set Lock Screen if you want the background to be your Lock Screen. Select Set Home Screen to make it the background of your Home Screen. If you choose Set Both, you can also choose both.

Set Different Wallpapers on iPhone Lock Screen and Home Screen

  • Face ID or Touch ID can be used to open your iPhone.
  • Swipe to a wallpaper you’ve already changed, then tap Customize.
  • Choose the option Home Screen.
  • Tap the Color and Gradient buttons to see colour swatches and change the background. Tap the Photos button to choose a different image. If you want, you can also blur the picture.
  • If you chose a new image, you can swipe to see previews of filters, pinch to crop the image, and tap the ellipsis button to use the Depth effect option.
  • Tap the “Done” button at the top right.
  • Tap Done again on the screen where you’re making changes to finish and save your choice.
  • Keep in mind that you can always change the current Lock Screen and Home Screen: Long-pressing on the Lock Screen will bring up the gallery view. From there, tap Customize, then choose Lock Screen or Home Screen. You can also edit wallpaper pairs by going to Settings > Wallpaper and swiping between wallpapers in your gallery to change them.


What is the difference between wallpaper and screensaver?

Wallpaper is the picture that shows up in the background when no files are open. A screensaver is the picture that shows up after the computer has been left alone for a while. Wallpaper is just one picture, while a screensaver has many.

What are best iPhone screen savers?

  • Glare Guard for OtterBox Amplify Glass for iPhone 14.
  • iPhone 14 InvisibleShield Glass XTR2.
  • iPhone 14 InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy 360.
  • New Belkin UltraGlass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro.
  • OtterBox Amplify Glass Glare Guard for iPhone 14 Pro.

What screensaver does Apple use?

DemoLoop, which is sometimes called “Screen Saver,” is an app that shows a screensaver that loops on iOS and iPadOS devices sold in Apple stores and by authorised resellers. It is put on demo devices by Apple store employees to keep the screens from getting too hot.

What is the point of screensavers?

A screensaver is a computer programme that can be set to run when the user isn’t using the computer for a certain amount of time (when you leave your computer). It was first used to protect older monitors, but now it’s used to keep people from seeing what’s on the desktop when the user isn’t there.

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