How to Check Word Count on Google Docs

Discover a simple keyboard shortcut to check the word count of your Google Docs document.

One method for determining the total length of a document is to count the number of words it contains. As an illustration, the average length of a professional marketing or product paper is somewhere between 2,500 and 6,000 words. In this article we will discuss about the how to Check Word Count on Google Docs. Although they can range anywhere from 400 to 1,700 words, the majority of blog posts fall somewhere in that range.

The descriptions of workshops and speaker biographies at conferences typically have no more than one hundred words each. Checking the word count of your document on a regular basis is a good idea if you want to ensure that the content you produce satisfies the requirements set forth for the length of a particular activity or project.

In this tutorial, we will cover how to obtain the live word count for an entire Google Docs document, a selected section of text in your browser, or in the Google Docs apps for Android and iOS using built-in word counters. This can be done in any of the three locations: your browser, the Google Docs apps for Android and iOS, or both. You will also learn what kinds of information are counted toward the overall word count.

What is a word count?

The word count of a document is the total number of words that are currently contained within that document. This number is dynamic and will change as you make changes to the document. The word count may include or exclude various parts of the page depending on the word processor that you are using.

This can be done either intentionally or by accident. The content of headers, footers, and footnotes are not included in documents created with Google Docs by default. When you’re writing an important document that needs to stay within a certain word count, this is a helpful tool to have on hand.

Why You Need to Check Word Count

  • To meet the requirements of the assignment. There are word count limits for many assignments, like essays, reports, and articles. You might lose points if you don’t check your word count. You might write too much or too little.
  • So you don’t plagiarize. Plagiarism is when you take someone else’s work and pass it off as your own. You could accidentally copy someone else’s work if you don’t check your word count, which could lead to serious problems.
  • To make your writing better. By looking at your word count, you can see where you need to improve your writing. You could try to cut down on the number of words you use, for example, if you notice that you are using too many. You can also try to cut down on repetition if you find that you are doing it too much.
How to Check Word Count on Google Docs
  • To help people read your writing better. It should be simple to read and understand well-written writing. If you want to make sure your writing isn’t too long or too short, you can check the word count.

How to Check Word Count on Google Docs on Desktop

  1. Check that you are logged in at
  2. You can either open the file you want to work on or make a new one.
  3. When you see the dropdown menu, click on Tools and then on Word count.
  4. Click OK or Cancel to close the Word count box.

How to Check Word Count on Google Docs On Phone

  1. Tap the Google Docs app icon on the home screen of your phone to open it.
  2. To make a new document, press the + button in the bottom right corner of the screen or tap on the document you want to change.
  3. Open the file and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Press “Word count.”
  5. To leave, tap on the caret to the left of Word count.


What is the shortcut to check word count in Google Slides?

To do this, press the “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys at the same time. Keep the “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys pressed and press the “C” key. In a new window that pops up, you’ll see how many words, pages, characters (with and without spaces), and slides are in your presentation.

How do you check word count with Ctrl?

Utilizing the shortcut keys on the keyboard is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to bring up the Word Count dialogue box. Simply activating the Word Count dialog box requires you to press the Ctrl, Shift, and G keys simultaneously.

What keys show Word Count?

It appears that the keyboard shortcut for the word count tool on a computer running Windows is Ctrl+Shift+C, while the equivalent shortcut on a Mac is Command+Shift+C. If you are using a Mac, you will need to press Command+Shift+C instead of Ctrl+Shift+C. The dialog box for counting words will then appear.

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