How to Convert WAV to MP3 on Laptop: 4 Methods

Windows video Player is a video player for computers that run Windows. It is well known that this program can work with different file types, such as MP3 and WMA files. Surprisingly, Windows Media Player isn’t just a media player. It can also help you out when you need to do something simple with music. It is easy to Convert WAV to MP3 on laptop. The sound quality of the WAV file is better.

This format is still much better than MP3 files in terms of accuracy and longevity. Still, if you don’t have high-end audio tools, it’s hard to tell the difference. And you may care even less if you’re not an expert. After that, it’s true that MP3 files still have some good points. Most people choose it because it is easier to take care of. It takes up less room, so it’s great for building up music libraries.

There are many different types of music file formats that you can use on your computer. Some are more common than others. MP3 is the most popular way to listen to music today. MP3 files take up less room on your hard drive than other audio files, and they sound great.

How to Convert WAV to MP3 on Laptop Using VLC

How to Convert WAV to MP3 on Laptop: 4 Methods

VLC is a video player, encoder, and streamer that works on many different platforms. It has a lot of tools for decoding and encoding, so you can convert WAV to MP3 on Windows 11 for free. Even though VLC uses a lot of the codecs from the FFmpeg libavcodec library, it is still not good at converting big audio files.

  • Download the VLC Media Player form here.
  • Start up the VLC Media Player. Press “Media” > “Convert/Save” in the menu bar.
  • Click “+Add” to add something. Find the WAV file on your machine and double-click it to open it.
  • Click “Convert/Save” to keep going.
  • There is a drop-down box next to the word “Profile.” Click on that and choose “Audio – MP3” from the menu.
  • Click the “Browse” button. Add the.mp3 ending to the file you want to save.
  • Just press the “Start” button.

How to Convert WAV to MP3 on Laptop Using Windows Media Player

Windows comes with an app called Windows Media Player that can play digital files. It can also copy audio files to CDs, burn data or audio CDs, and rip audio files from CDs. But it doesn’t give direct help when it comes to changing WAV to MP3 on Windows 10.

  • Put a new CD in the optical drive and open Windows Media Player.
  • Click the “Burn” tab on the right side of the screen.
  • Add WAV files to the list of things to burn.
  • To write WAV music to a CD, click the “Burn options” icon, then “Audio CD,” and then “Start burn.”
  • Put the CD you just burned into the DVD drive on your computer.
  • Click on your CD drive on the left side of Windows Media Player.
  • Go to the “Rip settings” drop-down menu and choose MP3 as the file and the audio quality you want.
  • Click the “Rip CD” button to turn a CD into an MP3.

Convert WAV to MP3 in Audacity

  • If you need to, you can download Audacity and run it on your computer. Then run it.
  • Choose File > Import > Audio on its home page to load the file you want to convert to MP3.
  • Select File > Export > Export as MP3 from the menu. If you want to, you can change the file name and file parameters like bit rate mode, quality, changeable speed, channel mode, and more. When you’re done, click the Save button. You can also get the song in MP3 format.

Convert WAV to MP3 Using iTunes

  • Start up the program. If you haven’t put it on your Windows or Mac computer yet, you can download it from the Apple website.
  • Use the Edit tab and click on Preferences at the top.
  • Then you’ll be taken to a new screen where you should click the “Import Settings” button.
  • The Import Using choice will appear in a new window. You can find the MP3 Encoder by clicking it. Now that we’ve set everything up, all we have to do is hit the OK button to go back to the homepage.
  • Now we can get down to business and use iTunes to turn WAV files into MP3 files. But here are two different cases, and you should pick the one that works best for you.
    • If you want to change the WAV file in your music library to an MP3 file, you can do so by selecting it in iTunes, going to File > Convert > Create MP3 Version. In the library, you will see the MP3 version of this file.
    • If you want to change the WAV file in a file folder, things may be a little different. You have to hold down the Shift key on your computer and then go to File > Convert > Convert to MP3. Then it will ask you to find the WAV file you want to turn into an MP3 file. Find it and click on the Open button. iTunes will handle them and put them in the library by itself.
  • All files that have been changed can be found in the library folder. Don’t know where to find the folder? You can find it by going to Edit > Preferences > Advanced.


What happens when you convert WAV to MP3?

When you change WAV to MP3, your data is reduced, but some of it is lost. When you convert MP3 to WAV, your data gets bigger without any loss. However, the loss probably happened before, so you don’t get any more clarity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WAV and MP3?

Because MP3 files have been compressed, they are much smaller and lose some data in the process. Most WAV files haven’t been compressed and don’t lose data, so they have more data. This makes the file size bigger, but the sound quality is generally better and there are more ways to edit it.

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