How to Create Table in Adobe Illustrator

Learn these three easy ways to make professional tables in Illustrator.

When it comes to graphic design and illustration, Adobe Illustrator is the Best Graphic Design. It makes it easy to make a wide range of visual elements, including print ads, brochures, logos, and infographics. In this article we talk about how to Create Table in Adobe Illustrator.

While Illustrator is great for making complicated designs easier, it doesn’t have a tool specifically for making simple tables, which is often necessary when making complex infographics with graphs and charts. Even though they aren’t there, designers have come up with different ways to fashion tables in Illustrator.

One common method is to use the program’s flexible text and shape tools to make table-like structures by hand. This lets users accurately arrange and show tabular data. Illustrator doesn’t have a specific table tool, but its flexibility and large set of features allow designers to work around this by being creative. This makes Illustrator an even more important tool in the ever-changing worlds of graphic design and illustration. To get more information go to official website.

How to Create Table in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Open or create a document in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. From the list of tools, choose the Rectangle tool (or type M).
  3. Pick a spot on the canvas and type in the rectangle’s Width and Height. This determines the overall size of your table. Alternatively, you can draw the rectangle by hand.
  4. In the Properties panel on the right, change the Fill and Stroke colors for the chosen rectangle.

Split it into cells

  1. Select the rectangle representing the table’s main body.
  2. From the menu at the top, go to Object > Path > Split Into Grid. This action will open a menu.
  3. In the dialogue box, type in the desired number of Rows and Columns for your table.
  4. If you want to preview how the table will look before finalizing, check the Preview box.
  5. Once satisfied with the settings, click OK to create the table.

Benefits of Using Tables in Adobe Illustrator

Customisation and control over the design:

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Unlike pre-made templates, Illustrator tables let you set the exact number of rows, columns, cell sizes, and spacing between cells, so they fit your layout perfectly.
How to Create Table in Adobe Illustrator
  • Full Design Freedom: You can give cells, borders, and headers any colour, gradient, pattern, or texture to match your brand’s look or create your own unique visual effects.

Making data clear and easy to understand:

  • Organised Data: Use rows, columns, and headers to make complex data sets easy to understand and present them in a clear and efficient way.
  • Formatting Options: Use bold, italics, or colour coding within cells to draw attention to important information.

Efficient work flow and teamwork:

  • Live Text Editing: You can change the text inside of cells directly, which makes entering data and making changes faster than in tables that are based on images.
  • Layer Management: Separate table elements into their own layers to make editing, changing, and keeping track of versions easier.

Tips for Efficient Table Creation in Illustrator

How to Use Tools:

  • Rectangular Grid Tool: Forget drawing lines by hand! With just one click, this tool lets you set the bed size, rows, and columns. Hold down the Line Segment Tool in the toolbar to get to it.
  • Once you’ve made a rectangle, go to Object > Path > Split into Grid to quickly divide it into separate cells.

Making Sure of Consistency:

  • Align and Distribute: Select several table elements and use the Align and Distribute panels to make sure that columns, rows, or text within cells are all spaced and aligned the same way.
  • Master Object: Make a “master cell” with the font, style, and other formatting you want, then use Object > Paste Attributes to copy it to other cells so the design is consistent.

Management of Text:

  • Area Text Tool: Click and drag inside a cell to make an area text frame. This lets you add text on more than one line and edit it more easily.
  • Copy-Paste Formatting: To quickly copy and paste formatted text from one cell to another, select the text in one cell and press Alt + Click + Drag.


How to create a table on illustrator?

You can get to the toolbar and hold down the line segment tool. Then, click the rectangle grid tool. To make a table, click and drag. This will make a grid the same size as the rectangle you draw. A grid that looks like a table will be made.

How do I create a table in Adobe?

Select Table > Add Table. Tell it how many rows and columns it needs. Set the number of cells that go across the body row and the number of cells that go across the column.

Where is the table tool in Adobe?

The Table panel also lets you change the number of rows and columns. Window > Type & Tables > Table will bring up the Table panel.

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