Dave The Diver: How To Defeat Mantis Shrimp

Survive the mantis shrimp attack in Dave the Diver with these helpful tips.

When you first start venturing out into the ocean in Dave the Diver, you will have a relaxing experience, but the game will steadily ramp up the difficulty as you move forward in the narrative. There will be times when you take on a more powerful foe, known as a boss. The vast majority of these foes must be vanquished before you can proceed with the story, but some of them can be avoided if you so choose. If you want to know how To Defeat Mantis Shrimp in Dave The Diver.

Once you have satisfied the necessary requirements, you will have no trouble finding the Mantis Shrimp, who is one of the game’s optional bosses and who can be fought quite easily. However, as there is a specific pattern that needs to be followed, it will be more difficult to win the battle against it.

How the find the Mantis Shrimp in Dave the Diver

Mantis shrimp in our world are very small, but they pack the biggest punch of any animal. In the blink of an eye, they can start a watery fire that gets as hot as the sun’s surface. This should give you an idea of what to expect from the version in Dave the Diver, which is much bigger.

Dave The Diver: How To Defeat Mantis Shrimp

To find this sucker-punching crustacean, you’ll need to unlock Chapter Six of the main story, at which point Sato will tell you about a vortex. The Stormy Night 2 side quest will then tell you to check out the vortex at night as part of the Stormy Night 2 side quest. Bring a lot of extra oxygen and a good weapon with a long range.

How To Defeat Mantis Shrimp in Dave The Diver

  • Shrimp Punch: This is the Mantis Shrimp’s main attack. With its boxing gloves, it will try to land a few punches on you to hurt you. To avoid these attacks, you must stay at the top or bottom of the battle arena.
  • Power Punch: When the Mantis uses this attack, it will turn its body slightly toward you while keeping its left hand behind it. This allows it to land a powerful punch. There is a punching bag on the left side of the ring. Just go behind it and use it as a shield to stop that killer punch from hitting you. If you need to, you can move the punching bag by pulling the nearby chain.
  • Water Current: The Mantis Shrimp will slam the ground with its boxing gloves in this attack. This will start a water current that will push you to the far left of the arena and into a wall of spikes. This can be very dangerous because the spikes will use up a lot of oxygen when they hit you.

Dave’s Success Story: Triumph over the Mantis Shrimp

Dave was looking around in the ocean when he saw a Mantis Shrimp. The Mantis Shrimp is a big, strong crustacean that is known for being able to punch as hard as a bullet. Dave knew that he would have to be careful if he wanted to beat the Mantis Shrimp. Dave used what he knew about the ocean to find a place to catch the Mantis Shrimp by surprise.

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Then, he used his skills as a diver to make a speargun strong enough to break through the shell of the Mantis Shrimp. Dave fired his speargun when the Mantis Shrimp got close enough. The speargun went through the shell of the Mantis Shrimp and killed it right away. Dave had beaten the Mantis Shrimp and shown that he was a good diver who was willing to work hard.


What is the hardest hitting shrimp?

The mantis shrimp are the most powerful animals in the animal kingdom. Their club-like arms move faster than a bullet out of a gun, and just one hit can break a snail’s shell or knock an arm off a crab. People have seen these small but powerful crustaceans beat octopuses.

Can mantis shrimp break glass?

Mantis shrimp can easily break a glass tank with their punches, and even smaller shrimp can chip the glass. When it comes to tank size, a small Mantis shrimp can do well in smaller aquariums of around 10 gallons, while larger ones longer than 8 inches should be kept in at least a 20-gallon tank.

How hot is mantis shrimp punch?

The speed of a mantis punch is like that of a.22-caliber bullet, which is 50 times faster than a human eye can blink. Underwater, the punch creates a low-pressure bubble that collapses in a flash of light and heat that reaches about 8,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

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