Dave The Diver: How To Defeat Truck Hermit Crab

Learn how to defeat the Truck Hermit Crab in Dave the Diver with this quick and easy guide.

Sato, the stocky imitator of Ash Ketchum, will present you with a challenging request on a stormy night while you are in Dave the Diver game. In the event of a stormy night, he will paddle his boat over to you and request that you search for a rare monster card by entering the whirlpool that forms within the Giant Blue Hole. If you want to know how To Defeat Truck Hermit Crab in Dave The Diver.

You should make sure that you are well prepared before you dive, and if you have the money, you should upgrade any gear that you have. This is because as soon as you enter the whirlpool, you will be taken directly into a boss fight. In Dave the Diver’s final boss fight, you’ll be pitted against a massive Truck Hermit Crab, and this is how you can prevail over it.

How To Defeat Truck Hermit Crab in Dave The Diver

On a stormy night in Dave the Diver, Sato, who looks like Ash Ketchum but is bigger and messier, will give you a hard task. He will pedal his boat over and ask you to go after a rare monster card by diving into the whirlpool that forms in the Giant Blue Hole on stormy nights. Make sure you’re ready to dive, and if you have the money, upgrade any of your gear, because as soon as you enter the whirlpool, you’ll be thrown into a boss fight.

You’ll be fighting the big Truck Hermit Crab boss in Dave the Diver. Here’s how to beat it. For the fight to begin, you must have reached chapter 3 of the story and finished Duff’s Dream. When you get to this point, you have to do a night dive. Sato will go up to Dave the Diver and tell him that the blue hole has some whirlpools. It’s time to put on your best gear and get ready for a fight. The Truck Hermit Crab will be waiting for you in the Whirlpool.

  1. The Truck Hermit Crab possesses few attacks against Dave the Diver, but due to its massive size and considerable reach, it still presents a challenge.
  2. The first move involves slamming the ground when the Truck Hermit Crab is close enough. You need this move for your attack, so bait the attack and move out of the way when you can.
  3. The second attack consists of throwing debris in the air; this will hit Dave the Diver and destroy the barrels he needs to carry for the damage phase.

Analyzing the Weaknesses of the Truck Hermit Crab

  • It takes time. The Truck Hermit Crab is a big, heavy animal that moves slowly because of its size and weight. This can hurt it in a fight because its opponents can easily run faster than it.
  • It can’t move very quickly. The Truck Hermit Crab is also not very quick, which makes it hard for it to avoid attacks. In a fight, this can be a big problem because its opponents can hit it easily.
  • It doesn’t have a very strong shell. The shell of the Truck Hermit Crab is not very strong, which makes it easy to hurt. This is because the shell is made of wood, which is not as strong as shell or bone.
  • It doesn’t make much sense. The Truck Hermit Crab isn’t very smart, so it’s easy to trick or beat it. This makes it easy to trick into making a mistake in a fight, which can be bad.
  • It’s not a lot of fun. The Truck Hermit Crab doesn’t get along with many other animals, so it doesn’t have many friends. This can hurt it in a fight because it won’t have anyone to help it if it gets hurt.

Preparing for Battle: Equipment and Planning


A good speargun is the most important piece of gear for any diver. You will need a speargun that is strong enough to kill even the biggest and most dangerous fish. You will also need a lot of speargun line and harpoons. A mask, fins, snorkel, and wetsuit are also important pieces of gear. A buoyancy compensator (BCD) and a regulator are also needed. You can stay safe and comfortable underwater with these pieces of gear.


You need a plan before you go into battle. This plan should include where you will dive, what fish you will try to catch, and what gear you will use. You should also have a plan B in case the first one doesn’t work out.


Where is the vortex in Dave the Diver?

Find a white vortex to start the boss battle if you jump into the water on the same night or any other stormy night. This can be found anywhere between 0 and 50 meters deep, but it’s more likely to appear on the far right side of the Blue Hole.

Does any air escape from the diver?

Divers breathe nitrogen-filled air that is compressed and has the same pressure as the water around them. This builds up in the diver’s body tissues and is breathed out when they come up to the surface, as long as they do it at a safe rate.

What is scuba light?

A dive light is a source of light that a scuba diver brings with them to light up the underwater world. Most scuba divers have lights that are self-contained, but surface-supplied divers may have lights that are powered by a cable from the surface.

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