How To Delete LastPass Account: wipe it Clean

Ready to move on? Learn how to permanently delete your LastPass account and erase all your passwords and data securely.

This article shows you how To Delete LastPass Account. It’s easy to delete your LastPass account, and it’s often the last thing you need to do before switching to a new password manager. Before you go any further, make sure you’ve exported any important LastPass data.

To delete your account, either use the web browser add-on or the website for LastPass to log in. Going to “Settings” or “Account Settings” will give you the option to delete or deactivate your account. LastPass might ask you to enter your master password again to make sure. To finish the process, follow the steps shown on the screen.

For this reason, you should have a backup or another solution ready. Once you’ve deleted it, you can look into other password managers or safe ways to keep your digital credentials safe. Don’t forget to let any important people or services know about the change so that the move away from LastPass goes smoothly.

How To Delete LastPass Account

  1. Join your account or open the vault from the add-on for your browser.
  2. In the menu on the left, click Account settings.
  3. Then, click the General tab.
  4. Scroll down until you seeAccount Information.”
  5. ClickMy account.”
  6. You can go straight to the Account Reset and Deletion page if you are already logged in.
  7. On the next page, click Delete or reset the account, and then click Delete account.
  8. Type in your master password, pick a reason for deleting your account, and then confirm your choice.

Reasons for Deleting a LastPass Account

  • Concerns about security: LastPass is generally thought to be a safe password manager, but there have been a few security problems in the past. Some people might not feel comfortable storing their passwords in one place, even if it is encrypted.
  • I found a better password manager: There are a lot of password managers out there, and some people may find that a different one works better for them.
How To Delete LastPass Account
  • Trouble with LastPass: The programme can be hard to understand, and some people might have trouble learning all of its features.
  • People may not like that LastPass collects some information about its users, which could be seen as invasion of privacy.

Considerations Before Deleting a LastPass Account

Export and back up data:

  • It is very important that you export your LastPass vault data. When you delete your account, all of your passwords, notes, and other stored data are gone for good. If you download a CSV file, you’ll have a copy in case you need it again or want to move your passwords to a different password manager.
  • You might want to export to a different password manager: LastPass has a direct export feature that makes the process of moving to a different service easier.

Keeping track of passwords:

  • Change your passwords for all of your accounts because the autofill feature will no longer work after you delete LastPass. Update your passwords by hand on all sites and apps where you used LastPass. For better security, you might want to use a strong password generator.
  • To add an extra layer of security, turn on two-factor authentication (2FA). This requires more than just your password to verify your identity when you log in. Everywhere you can, make sure your online accounts have 2FA turned on.

Safety and Privacy:

  • Phishing scams are real, so don’t give out your LastPass account or login information to anyone. Websites or emails that look like LastPass can steal your information.
  • If you want to, tell your friends and family: If you used LastPass to share passwords with other people, let them know you’re deleting your account and tell them to change theirs too.

LastPass Account Features Table

FeatureFree PlanPersonal PlanFamilies PlanTeams Plan
Password StorageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Device Access1 device type (computer or mobile)Unlimited devicesUnlimited devicesUnlimited devices
Secure Notes30UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
File StorageNone1 GB1 GB per userVaries
Sharing1-to-1 sharing1-to-many sharing1-to-many sharingAdvanced sharing and user management
Download on Google Play Store and iOS Store

Post-Deletion Actions and Recommendations

  • Check Again: Make sure that your LastPass account has been deleted for good. Usually, to delete something, you need to log in to the LastPass website or app and follow the specific steps that LastPass gives you.
  • Change Passwords: Change the passwords for all of your online accounts that used credentials stored in your LastPass vault right away. This is very important to keep people from getting in without permission, even if it takes a while to delete.
  • MFA, or multi-factor authentication,: Make all of your online accounts use MFA. By requiring a second step of verification when logging in, this adds an extra layer of security on top of passwords.
  • Downloading Data: If you downloaded your LastPass data before deleting it, make sure the file is safe and protected with a password. You might want to delete it after getting the information you need from it.
  • Watch out for Phishing: Watch out for phishing attempts that say they are from LastPass. Do not give out personal information or click on links in emails or messages that seem sketchy.


How do I delete a LastPass account?

Sign in to LastPass, then go to Account settings > General, scroll down to Account information, and click on “My account.” This will delete your account. To delete your account, click “Delete account” on the next page. Choose a reason to delete your account, enter your master password, and click “Confirm” to close your LastPass account.

How do I reset my LastPass account?

Set up LastPass all over from the beginning using the same email address. This lets you create a new master password, but you lose everything you’ve saved so far in LastPass. There’s no turning back, so careful with that reset button!

What happens if I cancel LastPass?

You may cease using the Services at any time and contact us at cancel your account, but you will continue to be charged for the Services until the end of your then-current subscription term.

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