Diablo 4: How to Farm Ichor Quickly and efficiently

Get more Ichor in Diablo 4 by following these strategies.

In this article we will show you how to Farm Ichor Quickly in Diablo 4. Players were given the opportunity to try out a variety of new features and content with the release of Diablo 4: Season of the Malignant. Ichors, which are new materials for crafting and were introduced by Blizzard with the release of Season 1, are one of the additions that have been made.

It was one of the new features that came out not too long ago, and one of its uses is in the creation of malignant hearts. Due to the recent implementation of the Malignant Hearts gameplay mechanic, players will want to start farming Ichor as soon as possible. Do not worry if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of content included in the new season;

you will be gradually introduced to these features as you progress through the quest line for the season. This guide will help you further comprehend the Malignant Hearts mechanic that will be explained in greater detail at the beginning of the first questline.

What Are Malignant Hearts?

Malignant Hearts are one of the most important parts of the Season 1 update for Diablo 4. In fact, they’re one of the few things in Diablo 4’s first season that make existing players want to try out new builds and strategies. You can’t get Malignant Hearts unless you’re playing on a Seasonal Realm in Diablo 4. Even so, you won’t start getting Malignant Hearts until you’ve finished (or skipped) the main Diablo 4 campaign on one of those realms.

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How to Farm Ichor Quickly in Diablo 4

Crafting the Wrathful Malignant Invoker

  1. Invokers of Vashran can be crafted easily.
  2. Acquire the Wrathful Malignant Invoker (for events at the end of a tunnel) by crafting it at Cormond’s Workbench, located south of Ked Bardu or in Kyovashad.
  3. Reach the workbench, go to Crafted Cache submenu, and find “Uncertain Invoker” item.
  4. Craft this item with hope of getting Wrathful Malignant Invoker.
  5. Crafting Uncertain Invoker doesn’t guarantee a drop of Wrathful Malignant Invoker.
  6. Drop rate is random, and you might need to craft this item multiple times before succeeding.

Farming for Malignant Ichor

  1. You need Malignant Ichor – a crucial crafting component to craft the Uncertain Invoker.
  2. You can farm this material by participating in world events, focusing on those involving Malignant Growths, which drop more Ichor.
  3. Another farming option involves defeating Malignant enemies, which also have a chance of dropping Malignant Ichor.
  4. As such, Malignant Tunnels provide a productive farming environment.

Leveraging Game Mechanics for Ichor Farming in Diablo 4

  • Kill enemies in Cursed Chests. A Cursed Chest is a type of chest that, when opened, brings out a number of enemies. These enemies can drop Ichor, so killing them is a good way to get this resource.
Diablo 4: How to Farm Ichor Quickly
  • Events are a type of goal that players can complete to earn rewards. Completing events that give Ichor is a good way to farm this resource.
  • Kill Elite Enemies: Elite Enemies are a stronger type of enemy than regular enemies. They can drop Ichor, so killing them is a good way to get this resource.
  • Nephalem Rifts are a kind of dungeon that players can go through to get rewards. They can drop Ichor, so running them is a good way to farm this resource.
  • Use boons. Boons are a type of buff that give players a short-term advantage. Some Boons can make players drop more Ichor, so using them is a good way to farm this resource.
  • Upgrade your gear. If you have better gear, it will be easier to kill enemies and finish events, which will make it easier for you to farm Ichor.


Where is the best place to farm malignant Ichor in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, you have to finish Malignant Tunnels in order to get Malignant Ichor. You can’t miss these dungeons because they are marked on your map with a leaf icon and a green dot. You will not only get Malignant Ichor, but you will also get different kinds of Caged Hearts.

How do I get more Ichor d4?

Events and Malignant Tunnels are the best places to farm Ichor. Malignant Ichor can also be gained by defeating enemies who are obviously corrupted. Corrupted enemies have strange growths on them, and they drop Malignant Ichor more often.

How do you make a Ichor farm?

To do this, you must buy Crimson Seeds from the Dryad in Hardmode while in a Graveyard and let them spread underground to make an artificial Underground Crimson biome, which gives you access to Ichor. If someone wants to fish for a long time, they can get a small amount of Ichor from Hematic Crates.

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