Fix: Diablo 4 Keeps Crashing and Client Lockup

Fix Diablo 4 Keeps Crashing and Client Lockup- Gamers are very excited about the release of Diablo 4, which has been awaited for a long time. But, as with any new game, problems are sometimes a part of the experience. The “Diablo 4 crashing and client lockups” error is something that players have said happens a lot.

This mistake can make your gaming experience much worse. But don’t worry, there are several steps you can take to fix this problem. This guide takes tips from two different articles and puts them together to give a complete answer to this problem.

Fix: Diablo 4 Keeps Crashing and Client Lockup

Repair Diablo IV Files

  1. Open your desktop application and then click the Diablo IV icon.
  2. Now, look for the cogwheel-like Settings icon and then select the Check For Update option to make sure your game is updated.
  3. If the game is up to date, select the Settings icon again and then select Scan & Repair.
  4. Once you hit Begin Scan, the repairing will start and you might get rid of the Diablo IV Crashing and Client Lockups error.

Use a Dedicated GPU

  1. Press the Windows key + X on your keyboard to open the Quick Link menu.
  2. From the Quick Link menu, select “Device Manager“.
  3. In the Device Manager window, expand the “Display Adapters” category.
  4. You should see two different GPUs listed here – the integrated GPU and the dedicated GPU.
  5. Right-click on the integrated GPU and select “Disable device“. Confirm any prompts that appear.
  6. Once the integrated GPU is disabled, the dedicated GPU will be the primary graphics processor used by your computer.
Fix Diablo 4 Keeps Crashing and Client Lockup

Play Diablo 4 in Windowed Mode

  1. Open and navigate to the game you want to play.
  2. Click on the game’s Options menu.
  3. Under the Video section, select Windowed Mode.
  4. Click Apply or OK to save the changes.

Verify the Integrity of the Game File

  1. Open the launcher and select the game whose files you want to verify from the list of games.
  2. Click on the options icon (gear-shaped) located above the game icon, and then selectScan and Repair” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the “Begin Scan” button to start the scan.
  4. The launcher will start scanning your game files to ensure that they are all intact and complete. This process may take some time depending on the size of the game and the speed of your computer.

Check Diablo IV System Requirements

  • Minimum Requirements
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-8100
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 280
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Storage: SSD with 45 GB available space
    • Internet: Broadband Connection
  • Recommended Requirements
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K or AMD R3-1300X
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 470
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Storage: SSD with 45 GB available space
    • Internet: Broadband Connection

Why Does Diablo 4 Crashing?

On PC, Diablo 4 players often have trouble with the game crashing at startup or not starting at all. Even though some players are getting it, the “Application Has Unexpectedly Stopped Working” error makes it hard to play. If you can, take a quick look at the r/diablo4 subreddit forum and ask to verify the PC’s game files after throwing the error notice.

  • Outdated Graphics Drivers: Outdated graphics drivers are one of the most common things that cause Diablo 4 to crash with a “client lockup” error. The game’s graphics are shown on your computer by the drivers for your graphics card. If they are old or don’t work together, it can cause crashes and freezes.
  • Overheating: When you play games for a long time on your computer, the CPU and GPU can get too hot. Overheating can cause Diablo 4 to crash because it puts too much stress on the hardware.
  • Insufficient System Requirements: Diablo 4 is a tough game that needs a powerful computer to run smoothly. If your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, it could slow down or crash.
  • Corrupted Game Files: Sometimes, crashes and freezes can be caused by corrupted game files. These files might have been broken during installation or because of something else.
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