Stardew Valley: How to Drop Items

In Stardew Valley: How to Drop Items. Eric Baron is the creator of the popular farming simulation game Stardew Valley, which he released to the public. It gives players the opportunity to assume the role of a character who comes into possession of a small farm in a vibrant town. There, players can take part in the day-to-day activities of farming, such as clearing land, growing a variety of crops, and breeding animals, in addition to mining and a great deal more.

It is also important to note that the game does not have the ability to quickly share items with other players by dropping them using hotkeys, like some other games do. This feature is available in some other games. However, you shouldn’t be concerned about that because the following article will demonstrate how to drop items in Stardew Valley.

Why Would You Want to Drop Items in Stardew Valley?

  • In order to free up space in your inventory. If the items in your inventory are already at capacity, you won’t be able to acquire any new ones. If you drop some of your items, you may be able to free up space in your inventory and continue adventuring or farming.
  • To hand out items to other people living in the village. You can give someone in the village a present by simply placing it on the ground in front of them, and they will find it and take it.
Stardew Valley: How to Drop Items
  • To abandon items in a location where other players can find them. In the multiplayer mode of the game, you have the ability to strew items around the playing area for other players to find. You can easily trade items with your friends or offer assistance to them using this method.
  • In order to design a unique farm layout. You can design the layout of your farm however you like by simply dropping items on the ground. You could, for instance, drop a fence to create a boundary for your crops, or you could drop a chest to store items. Both of these options are available to you when you drop them.

Stardew Valley: About

Stardew Valley, a farming simulation experience, draws ample influence from Story of Seasons, an enchanting series crafted by Marvellous and previously known as Harvest Moon. At the game’s outset, players fashion a unique persona who unexpectedly inherits an expanse of land and a petite dwelling that once belonged to their ancestor in the charming hamlet of Pelican Town, nestled within the captivating realm called Stardew Valley.

TitleStardew Valley
GenreRole-playing video game
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS
Release dateFebruary 26, 2016
WebsiteVisit Website

How to Drop Items on PC/Mac

  1. Perform this action:access your inventory by pressing E.
  2. Next, click on the item in your inventory that you want to drop. This picks it up.
  3. Then click just outside your inventory frame, on the right side in the empty spaceabove your trashcan.
  4. This will drop the item and you will then be able to see the item on the ground next to you.

How to Drop Items on Mobile

  1. To access your inventory, use the three bars on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Give the item you want to drop a long drag in the direction of the bottom right of your inventory.
  3. Move the mouse pointer over the area that displays your funds (total revenue).
  4. If you let go of the item in this region, it will fall to the ground when you do so.

How to Drop Items on Console

  1. Playing on console (Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch) might make it seem like it is impossible to drop items.
  2. When navigating your inventory, the cursor remains inside the inventory box or shifts directly to your trash can.
  3. To drop items, you need to turn off controller style menus.
  4. Turning off this menu option removes the cursor auto locking to options in the menus.
  5. It helps with not just dropping items but also navigating through the menus in general.
  6. To turn off controller style menus, open your menu.
  7. Scroll over to the options tab.
  8. Scroll down to the “Use Controller Style Menusbutton.
  9. Uncheck the box to turn off controller style menus.


What button is drop in Stardew Valley?

Press E to access the inventory. Then drag a item into the trash can on the right. You can drop it outside of the inventory as well but you just immediately pick it up again most of the time

How do you throw items in Stardew Valley?

You simply need to access your inventory with the 3 bars. Next, long drag the item you would like to drop to the bottom right of your inventory. Hover over the area where it shows your funds, also known as your total revenue area. Letting go of the item in this area should drop it onto the ground.

Can you fall in love in Stardew Valley?

To romance a character in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to build up your friendship rating with them. This can be found in the menu, represented by a heart scale. To increase the rating, give gifts to each character, or complete certain character-specific quests. Once you get that rating high enough, it’s all systems go.

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