Everything You Need To Know About iPhone’s Optimized Battery Charging

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Check Everything You Need To Know About iPhone’s Optimized Battery Charging

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have changed the world by making computers and phones powerful and portable. But they are also difficult to maintain. When lithium-ion batteries wear out due to time, temperature, and use, they have trouble holding a charge. It is up to you, the device owner, to maintain battery health unless you have Apple products. Optimized battery charging on iPhones and battery management on MacBooks do a great job of making your device batteries last.

What is Optimized Battery Charging?

In iOS 13, Apple has introduced a new feature called “Optimized Battery Charging”. This is enabled by default. iPhone learns your daily routine and predicts how long it will stay on the charger when you go to sleep. After a few weeks, it learns that, for example, you regularly wake up at 8am and remove your iPhone from the charger. With this daily behavior prediction, Optimized Battery Charging prevents your phone from charging to 100% as soon as you plug it in. Instead, the iPhone battery is charged to approximately 80%.

This means that the battery will stay at about 80% for most of the night, even if it is plugged into the charger the entire time. Then, just before 8 am, the charge is complete and the iPhone should reach 100% when you unplug it from the charger to start the day. If it is active, you can see it in the iPhone battery summary. As you can see from the example above, there is a distinct “step” in the slope of the load curve. When iPhone is plugged in, it quickly reaches an 80% state of charge.

It is then kept at 80% for the rest of the night hours. When the iPhone predicts that you will stop charging the phone, which is usually when you wake up, it completes the charge to 100%. This minimizes the time the battery spends at 100% charge, extending battery life.

Is optimized battery charging good?

Charging the battery to 100% for an extended period of time while plugged into a power outlet puts unnecessary strain on the battery. An Apple article on lithium-ion batteries explains that an Apple lithium-ion battery charges quickly for convenience and slowly for longevity. The optimized battery charging feature in iOS 13 improves the behavior of Apple batteries.

The phone will no longer charge above 80%, even on trickle charge, because you’ve learned that you may not need a fully charged phone right away. Instead, it activates charging just before you remove it from the charger. The feature also works at night if you have regular sleeping habits. It kicks in just before your usual wake up time so you have a fully charged phone.

Does the optimized battery charge more slowly?

Optimized battery charging stops charging at 80%. The remaining 20% ​​will only be charged at a certain time, depending on when you wake up. Therefore, this method is much slower than fast charging, which allows you to charge your phone in a few minutes, but at the expense of long-term battery safety. If you want to charge your phone to 100% instantly, disable Optimized Battery Charging in iPhone settings and let it finish charging. For Optimized Battery Charging to work, you need to allow iOS to learn your daily behavior and especially your sleeping habits over time.

Since this data is at the core of the technology, optimized battery charging may fail if you have irregular sleep schedules. It also won’t work if you don’t connect the device to a charger for an extended period of time while sleeping. Apple also says that Optimized Charging will only turn on in the places where you spend the most time, like your home or office. You will need to enable location services for optimized upload to work properly.

How to enable or disable optimized battery charging on iPhone

  • To get started, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone. If you can’t find the icon, scroll down your home screen and use Apple’s Spotlight search to find the app.
  • Scroll down and choose the “Battery” option.
  • Select “Battery Status”.
  • Tap the switch next to “Optimized battery charging.”
  • If you just turned off Optimized Battery Charging, your iPhone will now stop waiting at 80% and go straight to 100%. In other words, it will charge the old-fashioned way, just like iPhones did before iOS 13.

Final words: Everything You Need To Know About iPhone’s Optimized Battery Charging

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