How To Fast Travel in Return to Moria

Conquer Moria's vast depths efficiently! This guide unlocks fast travel secrets for swift exploration.

When Fast Travel is added early in The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, it gives players a huge advantage because it lets them quickly explore the huge dwarven world. Players must first fix a Ruined Mapstone they find at the first camp before they can use this feature.

Users are told to “find or build another” to quickly get from one place to another in the game. However, putting together a Ruined Mapstone is hard because you need certain things that you probably won’t have early on. Dwarfs move slowly by nature, and their low stamina and the chance of running into enemies make it even more important to unlock fast travel right away.

How To Fast Travel in Return to Moria

  1. Fast traveling in “Return to Moria” involves using specific in-game mechanics to quickly navigate the virtual world.
  2. To initiate fast travel, locate designated waypoints or travel hubs throughout Moria.
  3. Once found, interact with these points to bring up the fast travel menu.
  4. Choose your desired destination from the available options, and your character will swiftly transport to the selected location.
  5. Keep an eye out for unlocked travel points during your exploration to expand your fast travel options.
  6. Utilizing this feature not only saves time but also facilitates efficient exploration and quest completion.
  7. Mastering fast travel in “Return to Moria” enhances the overall gaming experience by streamlining your journey through the intricate and immersive landscapes of Moria.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Fast Travel

  1. Fixing broken mapstones should be a top priority. The first mapstone in the tutorial camp is a great example.
  2. Make Steel Hammers early on; you’ll need them to build and fix Mapstones.
  3. Keep Black Diamonds on hand because you’ll need them to build new Mapstones from scratch.
  4. Check out the side paths: Off the main path, look for more Ruined Mapstones and Stone Hearths.
    How fast travel works
  5. Place Mapstones in a way that makes sense. Think about areas with lots of resources, quest goals, and quick routes.
  6. Connect the key spots: Put areas you use a lot for farming, crafting, or trading at the top of your list.
  7. Make a plan for your trips: Chain together several Mapstone jumps to cut down on backtracking.
  8. Quick trips for quick escapes: Do not get too many enemies; warp out and get back together!

Return to Moria Gameplay

Within the context of Return to Moria, the gameplay revolves around a dwarf’s journey to survive and discover new places. From the beginning of the video game, the unlocking of fast travel is essential, and it requires the repair of a Ruined Mapstone. For this particular task, the collection of particular items becomes essential, which presents a challenge.

The vast dwarven landscape is difficult to navigate due to limited stamina and the possibility of encountering enemies, which highlights the importance of taking quick travel actions. When travelling through the immersive and dangerous world of Moria, players are required to acquire resources in a strategic manner in order to speed up the process. This will enhance both convenience and efficiency in their path through the world. If you want to get more details about this game, than you can visit official website

Benefits of Fast Travel in the Game

Save Time & Enhance Efficiency:

  • Quickly cover long distances: Don’t waste time going backwards and forwards or taking long walks; instead, focus on exploring and reaching your goals.
  • Spend less time travelling and more time on fun things like fights, puzzles, and quests.
  • Maximise resource gathering: Quickly go back to areas that are full of resources to quickly gather materials.
  • Quickly reach your goals: Get to quest destinations and complete goals with little time spent.

Boost Overall Enjoyment

  • Cut down on frustration: Less time spent traversing means less boredom and more fun gameplay.
  • Maximise playtime: Get more out of your gaming sessions by spending more time on fun things.
  • Accessibility for all: Players of all skill levels can enjoy the game and make progress without getting too stressed out.
  • You can go through Moria at your own pace and focus on what interests you thanks to fast travel.


How do I get Ubasam wood back to Moria?

But Ubasam Wood doesn’t come from trees like Elven Wood does. You should look for mushrooms instead. There are a lot of different kinds in the Lower Deeps, but any of them should work. You’ll get Ubasam Wood if you cut them down.

How do you save in return to Moria?

There are times when the game will save your progress automatically, like when you finish a quest, go to a new area, or build a new structure. This makes sure that players can easily pick up where they left off in their adventure, even if they have to leave the game suddenly.

Who is making return to Moria?

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is a survival-crafting video game that came out on October 24, 2023, and was made by Free Range Games. It is based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s made-up world of Middle-earth.

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