Undawn: How to Find the Common Flax Fiber

A guide to help you find Common Flax Fiber in Undawn and use it to craft useful items.

In Undawn, as in the majority of other survival zombie horror games, players are expected to forage for resources in the open world. Without having at least 150 different items, you will not be able to construct a base or level up your weapons. Taking part in these kinds of action adventures typically requires a lot of hard work, including getting your hands dirty and venturing out into the wilderness. If you want to know How to Find the Common Flax Fiber in Undawn.

However, Undawn does provide a little bit more than that. Not only does it feature a brief appearance from Will Smith, but it also includes a few unexpected musical numbers and even a love story. However, before you can proceed with any of that, you will need to acquire a few items, such as the Common Flax Fiber that can be found in Undawn. The best way to get that out of the way is as follows.

How to Find the Common Flax Fiber in Undawn

  1. Obtain flax fibers early in the video game. The Redwood Forest contains numerous flax bushes, identifiable by blue flowers.
  2. Approach the bush and interact to collect common flax fibers. While gathering, you might also find flaxseeds.
  3. Harvest flax flowers by standing near the bush and holding F key. Gather enough and check your inventory for the count.
  4. Utilize the gathered flax fibers for crafting or keep them for later use.
  5. In the initial days of Undawn gameplay, collecting materials might be challenging due to zombie infestation.
  6. Overcome obstacles by upgrading your gear and equipment.
  7. Enhance the experience by teaming up with friends in the multiplayer setting.

About the Game

GenreOpen-world survival
DeveloperLightspeed Studios
PublisherTencent Games
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC
Release date15 June 2023
Download on Google Play Store and iOS Store

Importance of Common Flax Fiber in Undawn

  • Clothes: Common flax fiber can be used to make shirts, pants, and hats, among other things.
  • Bags: Common flax fiber can be used to make bags that can hold things.
  • Backpacks: Flax fiber can be used to make backpacks, which are better than bags because they can hold more things.
  • Rope: Flax Fiber can be used to make rope, which can be used to climb or tie things together.
Undawn: How to Find the Common Flax Fiber
  • Nets: Nets can be made out of common flax fiber, which can be used to catch animals or fish.

Tools Required for Collecting Common Flax Fiber

  • Sickle: is a tool used by farmers to harvest crops. You can also use it to get Common Flax Fiber from it.
  • Backpack: You can put things in a backpack. To carry the Common Flax Fiber that you collect, you will need a backpack.
  • Inventory: Your inventory is where you keep the things you buy. You will need room in your inventory to store the Common Flax Fiber that you harvest.


Where can I find common flax?

The Redwood Forest is the most productive location in the early game for gathering Common Flax plants. Each plant will provide you with a certain amount of Plant Fibers, in addition to a higher chance of dropping Common Flaxseed and a lower chance of dropping Common Flax Fibers. If you want to find them quickly, check your minimap for any icons that look like leaves.

What is another name for flax fiber?

Alsi, tisi, kshuma, lin, llion, liner, linum, line, linen, lein, and lan are all names that are commonly used to refer to flax. The plant is an annual that can reach a height of approximately 3 to 4 feet and a diameter of approximately 1/16th to 1/18th of an inch. In modern times, flax is grown for two entirely different purposes: (i) to be used as a fiber, and (ii) for its seeds.

Which country is the largest producer of flax?

Kazakhstan has surpassed Canada to become the world’s leading flax producer, and it is on track to become one of the leading exporters of the seed as well. Kazakhstan has recently overtaken Canada and Russia as the most sought-after source of flax in a market that has been dominated by those two countries for a very long time.

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