Fix: ‘Active directory domain services is currently unavailable’ issue

If you get an error message that says ‘Active directory domain services is currently unavailable’ issue when you try to print a document, here are some ways to fix the problem. Both wired and wireless printers can have this problem, but the answers are almost the same in both cases. A set of Active Directory Domain Services lets you approve and run commands and instructions on your PC. If you want to know more information about this issue Visit Official Microsoft Website for further Support.

You will be asked for the password whenever you try to use a program or app that needs administrative rights. Active Directories keeps this action going and is in charge of it. Also, they help your computer talk to things like printers and routers that are outside of it. With wireless printers and similar devices, this new technology has made it possible for people to get their papers from the comfort of their own homes.

In this modern world of technology, there are a lot of good things, but you may also get an Active Directory Domain Services is currently offline error message. This happens when your computer can’t find and connect to the printer. If so, read this help to Fix ‘Active directory domain services is currently unavailable’ issue.

Causes of “Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable” error

  1. Network Connection: The computer may not have a stable or working network connection, preventing it from connecting to the Active Directory Domain Services.
  2. Domain Controller Issues: The domain controller, which manages the Active Directory, may be experiencing technical problems, such as being offline or unavailable.
  3. Firewall or Security Settings: Firewall or security settings on the computer or network may be blocking the connection to the Active Directory Domain Services.
  4. Incorrect DNS Settings: Improper DNS (Domain Name System) settings on the computer can prevent it from resolving the domain controller’s address correctly.
  5. Active Directory Service Unavailability: The Active Directory service itself may be undergoing maintenance, experiencing downtime, or encountering other issues that render it temporarily unavailable.

Ways Fix ‘Active directory domain services is currently unavailable’ issue

Adding Printer Manually and Updating Drivers

If restarting the printer spooler doesn’t help, we can try adding the printer to your computer again. Most of the time, when you connect your printer to your PC, all the drivers are instantly installed. We can try to add the printer again after changing the drivers.

  1. Before we start, we need to remove the printer from the list of devices you have linked. If you press Windows + R, the Run app will open. In the chat box, type “control panel” and press Enter.
  2. Once you’re in the control panel, choose “Large icons” from the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen, and then choose “Devices and Printers from the next menu.
  3. Find your printer, right-click it, and choose “Remove device” from the menu. You will see a UAC that asks you to prove that you are an administrator.
  4. Click “Add a printer” on the same window, which is near the top of the screen. You will be shown by a wizard how to connect your printer to your computer. Make sure the printer is hooked to your computer in the right way. If you are using the printer over a WiFi network, try plugging it into your computer with a USB cable.
  5. Go to the official website of your maker and download the latest drivers to a place where you can find them. Type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter after pressing Windows + R.
  6. Find the “Print queues” section, expand it, click on your printer, right-click it, and then click “Update Driver.”
  7. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software” (the second choice).
  8. Go to the place where you saved the most recent drivers for your printer. Choose it, and then press “Next” to install it. When you’re done, restart your machine and check to see if the problem is fixed.

Resetting Printer Spooler Settings

The spooler service is a piece of software that keeps track of all the print jobs that are sent to the computer printer. Most of the time, users can see the print spooler service and can also stop a print job that is being handled. It also lets them take care of jobs that are on the waiting list. We can try to fix the problem by restarting this service and seeing if that works.

Fix: 'Active directory domain services is currently unavailable' issue
  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run app.
  2. In the chat box, type “services.msc” and press Enter.
  3. In the list of services, find the “Print Spooler” service.
  4. Double-click the “Print Spooler” service to open its details.
    • C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS
  5. Click “Stop” under “System Status” and click “Ok” to save your changes.
  6. Press Windows + E to open the quick access menu.
  7. Click “This PC” in the navigation pane on the left.
  8. Find the following route:
  9. Once you’re in the folder, delete all the files in the PRINTERS folder and close the window.
  10. Go back to the Services tab and click the “Start” button next to the “Printer Spooler” service.
  11. Make sure to keep “Automatic” as the type of start-up.
  12. Restart your computer and ensure the printer is properly connected.

Recognizing Printer using Other Applications

Another way to fix this problem is to use other programs to find the printer. We’ll show you this with the program NotePad, which comes with almost every computer.

  1. Right-click on your desktop.
  2. Choose New > Text Document.
  3. Type whatever you want in the empty spot.
  4. Click File > Print.
  5. There will be a new window that shows all the printers you have on your computer.
  6. Click “Find Printer…” on the right side of the window if you can’t find your printer.
  7. Now Windows will start finding your printer, and hopefully, the problem will be fixed.

Granting access of PrinterPorts and Windows

If neither of the above work, we can use the registry editor to change the access of files. It’s possible that the mistake keeps happening because your account doesn’t have access to some important keys (like PrinterPorts, etc.).

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run app.
  2. Type “regedit” into the box and press the Enter key.
  3. In the registry manager, navigate to the file path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Programs > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion.
  4. Right-click on “Devices” and select “Permissions…“.
  5. Choose your account from the list and click on all of the choices in the “Allow” column. Ensure that nothing is checked in the “Deny” section.
  6. Repeat the same steps for the “PrinterPorts” and “Windows” lines.
  7. Once you have completed the above steps, restart your computer to check if the problem is resolved.


What is Active Directory domain Services?

A directory is a structure with levels that saves information about network objects. Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is an example of a directory service. It stores directory data and makes it available to network users and managers.

Which tool is used for fixing Active Directory errors?

The Active Directory Replication Status Tool (ADREPLSTATUS) is explained in this paper. This tool helps managers find, rank, and fix Active Directory replication errors on a single domain controller (DC) or any DCs in an Active Directory domain or forest.

Where is the Active Directory domain?

Every DC in the domain has a file where the AD information is saved. NTDS is where the AD information is kept. DIT file in the NTDS folder at the root of the machine, which is usually C:Windows. AD uses a method called “multimaster replication” to make sure that all DCs have the same data store.

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