How to Fix BBC iPlayer Error Code 02062: 4 Ways

if you’ve been trying to watch BBC iPlayer on your Roku device but have been getting error numbers 02062, 02066 or 02056. These error numbers mean that BBC iPlayer can’t confirm that your Roku device is what it says it is. There are a few things that could be causing this, but there are also a few things you can try to fix BBC iPlayer Error Code 02062.

Does BBC iPlayer on your Roku give you the error number 02062? If so, try the troubleshooting steps we suggest to fix BBC iPlayer error code 02062 on Roku. During our study, we found that the main cause of the BBC iPlayer error code 02062 on Roku is a VPN or that the user set up his or her account in a different region and is now using it in a different region. And sometimes the mistake can be caused by something else. If you are still facing the same issue we suggest go to their official website and ask for more solutions.

How to Fix BBC iPlayer Error Code 02062

How to Fix BBC iPlayer Error Code 02062: 4 Ways

Check your VPN

Since the error code 02062 is linked to a VPN, you should first check your VPN if you are using one. The reason seems to be that BBC iPlayer is a geo-restricted app that can only be used in the UK. So, the VPN is the only way to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

In fact, we think you should think about using a VPN that is strong enough to get around the online security check and protect your online privacy. If you live in the UK but still see the BBC iPlayer error 02062, you need to change the location settings on the BBC iPlayer app.

Try Other Workaround

  • If the problem has nothing to do with VPN, try restarting the Roku device and then using BBC iPlayer.
  • If restarting the Roku doesn’t work, check to see if Roku and BBC iPlayer have the latest updates. If there are any changes for Roku or BBC iPlayer that haven’t been installed yet, please do so.

Restart your Roku device

Does the BBC iPlayer error 02062 still happen after changing the VPN options and the location? If so, you need to turn off and on your Roku device. Yes, sometimes the device or app needs to be restarted for the new settings to take effect. So, to fix the BBC iPlayer problem, try to restart your Roku device.

Make Sure You Have Stable Internet Connection

Make sure your gadget is connected to the internet in a reliable way. A shaky or unstable internet link can cause buffering and streaming mistakes. You can check your internet connection by opening an online web browser and going to a site or by using a speed test. If the link is spotty or unstable, try to restart your modem or router.

What is BBC iPlayer Error Code 02062

Many Roku users have said recently that their BBC iPlayer app keeps giving them the error code 02062. Error codes seem to be very common in smart gadgets, especially ones that can connect to the internet. But after a lot of hard work, we figured out that the BBC iPlayer error code 02062 has something to do with VPN.

It could also be a problem with the way the location moves. The person may be in one place, but the location of the device may be set to another. There are easy ways to fix the BBC iPlayer Error Code 02062, though.


Can the BBC track your IP address?

We automatically gather some information. Things like your IP location, which browser and device you are using, and your device ID. And if we look at the details in your browser, we can see what website led you to the BBC.

Can I watch BBC iPlayer abroad with VPN?

If it goes anywhere outside the UK, you won’t be able to use the service. This kind of blocking is easy to get around, though. Just connect to a British VPN site to get an IP address from the UK, and iPlayer will let you watch from outside the UK.

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