Fix: ‘Facebook Ads Not Delivering’ issue

Facebook Ads Not Delivering? Diagnose & Fix the Problem.

Facebook is a top target for advertising because of its marketplace, which has over 2.93 billion monthly active users. However, your adverts must appear in their newsfeed before you can attract potential customers—a task that can occasionally prove to be difficult. In this article we will show you how to Fix ‘Facebook Ads Not Delivering’ issue.

Your campaigns will never take off if your Facebook Ads are not generating any leads. That does not, however, imply that you should hold off until Facebook resolves the problem. It is your responsibility as a marketer and general problem solver to locate and fix ineffective advertisements.

What does “Facebook ads not delivering” mean?

“Facebook ads are not delivering” indicates that your targeted audience is not receiving active ads, which prevents them from producing any impressions. Both recently created ads and those that have already run in the past may experience this.

Go to advertisements Manager and check the Delivery column to see if your advertisements are delivering or not. The state “Not delivering” might arise for various causes. Should there be a technical problem hindering the advertisement from running, the sub-status will read “Update required.”

Why ‘Facebook Ads Not Delivering’ issue

  • Campaign Settings: Make sure your ad campaign is active during the right dates. Check if you’ve set the budget and bidding correctly.
  • Payment Issues: Check if the way you pay for ads is working okay. Sometimes not having enough money can stop your ads from showing.
  • Technical Problems: Sometimes Facebook has issues that can stop ads from working for a bit. See if there are any known problems.
  • Targeting too Narrowly: If you’re aiming at a very specific group, there might not be enough people seeing your ads. Try to make your target audience broader.
Fix 'Facebook Ads Not Delivering' issue
  • Overlapping Audiences: If different ads are trying to reach the same people, they might stop each other from working well.
  • Mistakes in Leaving People Out: If you’re excluding certain groups from seeing your ads, but these groups are part of your main audience, your ads might not reach the right people.

Fix: ‘Facebook Ads Not Delivering’ issue

Verify Pixel Installation

  1. Look for the Facebook Pixel code on your official website.
  2. Verify that the Pixel is activating properly.
  3. To troubleshoot any issues, use the Facebook Pixel Helper browser plugin.

Address Ad Creative Issues

  1. Analyse the headlines, copy, and graphics in your advertisements.
  2. Make sure your campaign objectives and target audience are reflected in your creatives.
  3. Try out various creatives to determine which ones work best.

Assess Bid and Budget Settings

  1. Examine your bid approach and think about converting-optimization.
  2. To remain competitive with your target demographic, change the amount you bid.
  3. Make sure your lifetime or daily budget will cover the objectives of your campaign.

Review Ad Set Targeting

  1. Make sure the demographics you’re targeting—including age, gender, and location—align with the goals of your campaign.
  2. Adjust and fine-tune your targeting as needed.

Check Ad Placement

  1. Look at your possibilities for ad placement.
  2. Think about branching out to other platforms like Messenger, Audience Network, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.
  3. Keep an eye on performance and modify placements in response to findings.


Why are my Facebook Ads active but not running?

Should you be utilising Remarketing campaigns to retarget individuals who have completed specific actions on your website or a customer list, it’s possible that your audience is too tiny for Facebook to properly optimise, which is why you are not making any money.

Why is my boosted post not reaching anyone?

Why, after promoting a post, am I only reaching “0 people”? In the event that you observe that no one has been contacted, your boosted post is not appearing. It is possible that your advertisement is still pending approval, particularly if this is your first boosted post. It might be essential to copy your advertisement and start over in some situations.

Why is Facebook rejecting my boosted post?

A Facebook advertisement could be turned down for a variety of reasons. Among the most typical causes are: Ad policy on Facebook is broken by this one. The advertisement

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