How to Resolve “Google Chrome Dark Mode Not Functioning” in Windows 10

Dark mode offers a sleek, eye-friendly interface for our daily digital experiences. It’s a feature we’ve come to expect in modern applications, websites, and operating systems. As an increasingly essential option, having it malfunction can be frustrating. This guide focuses on how to troubleshoot and fix the ‘Google Chrome Dark Mode not working’ issue on a Windows 10 computer, ensuring you can enjoy your browsing experience without unnecessary strain on your eyes. We aim to keep this content informative and approachable for all users.

Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome on Windows 10

With the preference for darker interfaces gaining momentum, many have run into issues where this mode isn’t working as expected in Google Chrome. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of setting up Google Chrome’s dark mode on a Windows 10 PC.

Activating Chrome’s Dark Mode on Windows 10

  • Open the ‘Settings’ menu, navigate to ‘Personalization’, then click on ‘Colors’, and find the ‘Choose your default application mode’ switch.
  • Toggle this option to ‘Dark’, and Chrome, along with any other app that supports native dark mode, will automatically switch to the darker theme—no browser restart required.

Turning on Dark Mode in Chrome for macOS

  • Access ‘System Preferences’, select ‘General’, followed by ‘Appearance’.
  • Choose the ‘Dark’ theme option. Like in Windows, this will apply the dark mode to all compatible applications, Chrome included, with no additional steps on your part.

Enabling Chrome’s Dark Theme on Android Devices

  • In Chrome for Android, the dark mode setting might still be in a testing phase, so it’s possible that not all elements will look perfect. To start, type chrome: // flags in the browser’s address bar.
  • Utilize the ‘Search Flags’ function and input ‘dark mode’. You’ll find the options ‘Android Web Content Dark Mode’ and ‘Android Chrome UI Dark Mode’. The first setting will prompt Chrome to select a dark mode version of a website if available or invert colors when it isn’t. The second will switch the actual interface of the browser to dark mode.
  • Select ‘Enabled’ from the dropdown menu for both settings and then restart Chrome.
  • Finally, navigate to Chrome’s settings menu, tap ‘Themes’, and pick ‘Dark’. If you don’t see the Themes option right away, try restarting Chrome again.

Concluding Tips: Navigating Dark Mode in Chrome on Windows 10

Wrapping up, the steps provided above are straightforward solutions to the ‘Dark Mode not working’ issue in Google Chrome for those using Windows 10 or other supported operating systems. Whether it’s for style or reducing eye strain, enabling dark mode enhances your browsing experience. Should you face any difficulties, don’t hesitate to reach out through the comment section for further assistance. Your positive digital experience is of paramount importance to us.


Q: Why isn’t Dark Mode working in my Chrome browser on Windows 10?

A: If Dark Mode isn’t working in Chrome, try adjusting your Windows 10 color settings from the ‘Personalization’ menu or enter ‘chrome://flags’ in Chrome’s address bar to manually enable the dark features.

Q: Can I enable Dark Mode in Chrome on older Android versions?

A: Dark Mode in Chrome may be available on older Android versions through ‘chrome://flags’; however, native support is generally more robust in Android 10 and newer.

This guidance provides not only SEO-optimized steps for technical troubleshooting but also offers an in-depth understanding for users to take control of their application settings effectively.

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