Fix: ‘Google Voice Search Not Working’ issue

Is Google Voice Search not working for you? Here are some easy fixes that might help.

Whenever voice commands issued to Google Voice Search Not Working, the underlying cause is almost always an issue with the Google app. Accidentally turning off voice commands and corrupt data within the app are two of the most common types of errors that can occur with the Google app. Incorrect permissions can also prevent the app from having access to your microphone.

If your Google Assistant is unable to process voice commands, try each of the solutions listed below in the order given until it begins to function normally again. If you’ve tried all of these solutions, and it still isn’t working, you may have to wait for Google to address the particular issue that you’re having with their service before it can be fixed.

In order to access a wide variety of different systems within your phone, Google Assistant needs your permission. For instance, it needs to have access to the microphone in order to hear your voice commands; otherwise, it won’t be able to hear them at all.

Why Google Voice Search Is Not Working On Your Device

  • There is a problem with your microphone: Your device uses AI to understand your voice and turn it into text. It means fine. If you have an old microphone, Google won’t be able to pick up your voice or speech. You need to fix your mic if it’s not working right.
  • Slow internet: If your internet is slow, Google will use the internet to find results that match your search query. So, if there is a problem with your internet connection, the command won’t be able to be fully carried out, which will slow it down.
  • Voice change: If someone else tries to use your device with a different voice, OK, Google won’t answer and will do nothing. Okay, Google has been programmed to copy and understand your voice.
Fix 'Google Voice Search Not Working' issue
  • Setting the language wrong: You won’t be able to use OK Google if the language you are speaking doesn’t match the one you gave Google. The voice search is set to work in US English by default, but you can change this at any time.
  • Bad data for the application: OK Google has a voice search app that comes pre-installed on all Android phones. If any data is missing or corrupt from this application, it will not work right.

Fixed: ‘Google Voice Search Not Working’ issue

Enable microphone

  1. When you’re in the app, go to Settings and tap on Privacy.
  2. Now, go to that section and tap on Microphone. Then, look for apps that need microphone features.
  3. Then, choose Google Voice and turn on the microphone.

Choosing correct Language

  1. Get the Google app on your phone and open it. Now go to the bottom right of the screen and click on More.
  2. After that, click Settings and then Voice.
  3. Here, click on Languages. If you see a wrong language, uncheck it and then check the right one. You can press and hold a language to make it the main one if you have more than two chosen.
  4. To keep the changes, press “Save.” Go to Google Assistant > Languages now.
  5. From there, you can also choose the right language. Now turn your phone off and on again, and try to use the voice search again. Check to see if the problem is fixed.

Re-training your Voice Model

  1. Get the Google app on your phone and open it. Now go to the bottom right of the screen and click on More.
  2. Now go to Settings and pick Google Assistant.
  3. Go to the Assistant tab and scroll down until you see your Assistant devices. This is where your device, like a Phone, will be listed. Press it.
  4. Check to see if Access with Voice Match is turned on. Voice model will be an option, which means you can teach the Assistant to recognize your voice again. Press it once.
  5. Now Google will ask you to say some words over and over, and it will listen to your voice notes and figure out what makes you unique.
  6. Restart your computer after retraining it, and then try to use the voice search again. Check to see if the problem is fixed.

Update the Google Assistant app

  1. Get into the Play Store.
  2. Click on your picture.
  3. Click on Manage apps and device, and then click on the Manage tab.
  4. Click on Updates available.
  5. This is where Google Assistant should show up if it needs an update. Mark the box next to it, then press the “Update” button.

Tweak Language Settings

  1. Start up Google Chrome and go to Settings.
  2. From the left side, click on Languages.
  3. Now, pick the language from the list that you want to use.

What is Google Voice?

Businesses are able to make and receive calls with the help of Google Voice, which is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service. Your voice calls and text messages will be sent and received via the internet. You can utilize it as an alternative to the conventional landline, or you can combine it with one of the other tools available for communication. It is important to note that Google Voice for Google Workspace is not the same as Google Voice for personal use. The first option is designed for business use and comes with a number of features that are suitable for an enterprise.


What happened to Google Voice search?

Google Assistant is going to take the place of the voice search button on Android. Voice search shortcuts that start with “OK Google,” the microphone button on the home screen widget, and the microphone button in the Google app are all included.

Why is my Google Voice disabled?

Accounts can be closed without the ability to download data for a number of reasons, such as, but not limited to: Requests that are legal. Theft of an account. egregious content violations, such as the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and terrorist content.

Why Google is not working?

Clear the cache in the Google app. First, you need to clear your Android device’s data cache so that Google services can’t use it. You can do this on Samsung phones, Google Pixels, and any other Android device that is affected by going into the settings and clearing the cache by hand.

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