Maximizing Your Macbook’s Battery Life: Tips for Fixing Battery Drain After Closing Apps

Macbooks are popular for their exceptional battery life, but if your Macbook’s battery is quickly depleting after closing apps, it can be frustrating. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips to fix the problem and help extend your battery life.

Determine If You Have a Battery Issue

The first step is to confirm that your Macbook is experiencing a battery issue. Check if the battery level drops even after you’re not using it for 20-40 minutes. If the battery percentage decreases during this time, you need to make some changes to your settings. If it remains the same, then it’s likely a software issue.

Restart Your Macbook

Restarting your Macbook can resolve some software-related problems that are affecting your battery life. Simply click on the Apple menu on the upper left corner of your screen, select “Restart”, and click the “Restart” button again to confirm. Once the restart is completed, see if your battery life has improved.

Keep Your MacOS and Apps Up to Date

Updating your MacOS and apps is vital for optimizing your battery life and performance. Go to the App Store and check for app updates. If updates are available, click “Update All.”

Monitor Your App Usage

If an app is consuming too much power, it is flagged by Apple. If you find it unusual for an app to consume that much, there might be a problem. Close unnecessary apps, or remove them entirely to save battery life.

Use Native Applications

Using cross-platform apps takes a toll on your battery life. For example, Safari uses less power than Chrome, so switch to Safari if that’s an option for you. Slack is also notorious for draining battery power, especially if your Macbook isn’t charging. Use native apps to help conserve your battery life.

Adjust Settings to Maximize Battery Life

If you’re not near a power source, you can adjust your settings to extend the battery life of your Macbook. Reducing the screen brightness, turning off Wi-Fi when it’s not in use, using headphones instead of speakers, and turning off Power Nap, which checks for new emails, calendars, and iCloud updates, can conserve battery life.

Get In Touch With Apple Support

If all else fails, it’s best to reach out to Apple Support. If your Macbook is still under warranty, you can schedule an appointment with the Genius Bar or send in your device for repairs. If your Macbook is out of warranty, you can contact an authorized third-party dealer for repairs.


These tips should help you address the Macbook battery drain after closing apps, making it easier to manage your device throughout the day. Remember, keeping your MacOS and apps up to date, using native apps, and adjusting your settings can help you maximize your battery life.


1. How do I know which apps consume my battery?

You can check the battery menu in the upper right corner of your screen, which displays which apps are currently consuming power on your Macbook.

2. How can I optimize my Macbook’s battery life?

To optimize your Macbook’s battery life, keep your MacOS and apps up to date, use native applications, adjust display settings when unplugged, and disable features like Power Nap.

3. Can I replace my Macbook battery?

If your Macbook’s battery needs a replacement, you can schedule an appointment with Apple Support for a battery replacement, or contact an authorized third-party dealer if it’s out of warranty.

4. What is Power Nap on Macbook?

Power Nap is a Macbook feature designed to periodically check for new email, calendar, and iCloud notifications while your device is asleep to keep you up to date without using an excessive amount of battery life.

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