How to Fix Trackball Mouse

This article is about How to Fix Trackball Mouse.

The trackball is an input device that looks like a mouse turned on its side or “upside down.” A trackball is on the top or side of the mouse, while a mechanical mouse ball rolls along the desk. This placement lets the user move the pointer on the screen without moving the whole mouse. They can do this by rotating the ball in two dimensions with their fingers or thumb. This article is about How to Fix Trackball Mouse.

A trackball is easier to use than a regular mouse because it requires less arm and wrist movement. This makes it less stressful for the user and can help prevent RSI. Ralph Benjamin came up with the first trackball machine in 1946. It was made to work with a military radar plotting system. It was called the “roller ball.” A prototype of a device was made, but the military kept its use a secret and never told the public about it.

How to Fix Trackball Mouse

There are a lot of article on how to fix your mouse, but they only tell you how to clean and do basic maintenance. When a trackball mouse or trackpad will not work and needs more than just basic maintenance, you need to do something different. You can not just soak the mouse in warm water and dish soap; you have to figure out what is wrong.

Fix Trackball Mouse

Fix Trackball Mouse via Battery-Swelling in Trackball Mice

One of the biggest problems with a trackball mouse is that it comprises more than just electronics. They’re usually made from polycarbonate, rubber, and metal, as well as various plastics. Sometimes these items break, or they’ll crack but won’t stop working. This happens occasionally, but when it does, it can create a larger problem that starts to affect the entire product affected by the crumbling pieces of plastic. Battery-Swelling Solution:

When a trackball mouse’s battery has been used for a long time, it can get swollen, which makes the product less strong. Most of the time, this happens when the product has not been charged in 2 or 3 years.

When the battery has gotten bigger, it will not be able to keep its charge. This will cause it to swell, which will slow down your mouse or even make it stop working. Most of the time, all you need to do is dampen a paper towel with water (not too much).

One at a time, put the paper towel on top of each battery, and then wait 5 minutes. When that time is up, put the battery back in and you are ready to play!

Lubrication of Trackballs

If a trackball’s balls get too much grease on them, they can become too slippery and stop working. The ball in the middle of a trackball moves by gently resting on a disc with small magnets in it. This is different from a mouse or trackpad, which have a big ball under them.

The disc touches the ball’s surface and moves it forward at different speeds depending on how hard you press on the disc with your fingers (more force will cause more movement). When too much lube gets on these magnets, they lose their grip on the surface and stop the ball from moving at all. If this happens, the trackball might stop working all together. Solution for Excess Lubes:

The easiest way to stop too much lubrication is to stop it from happening in the first place. You can clean your trackball mouse or trackpad in a few different ways so that it does not get too smooth. The first is to not use any lube at all, which is probably not what most people want to do. You can try something else, which is good news.

  • Using Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the ball
  • Taking Care of the Sensor Pad
  • Reassemble Your Mouse


How long should a trackball last?

You can also change how fast the pointer moves, how fast it scrolls, and how fast it moves. Battery life: If you choose a wireless trackball, the battery should last anywhere from six to twenty-four months. Some trackballs are powered by AA batteries, while others have batteries that can be charged.

How do you maintain a trackball?

Use rubbing alcohol to wet a cotton swab. Flip the mouse over and clean the lens and LED area. Do not let too much water get into the mouse. Use a clean cotton swab or cloth to dry the area.

Can I lubricate a trackball?

Because of the socket, it is easy for water to get into places you can not see or reach, which will damage the device. Roll the trackball around with clean fingers after you have cleaned it and put it back in. This will make it smooth again so it can roll easily.

How long does a Logitech trackball last?

With one AA lasting up to 18 months, you might forget that your trackball needs batteries at all. You do not have to move your arm to move your cursor because your trackball stays in one place. Its shape is made to support your hand so you can work all day without getting tired.

Are trackballs worth it?

In general, a trackball is better for your hand than a regular mouse, but an ergonomic mouse or a vertical mouse will fit your hand just as well or even better. One big reason is that you will not have to move around a mouse that could be heavy and put more strain on your wrist than you need to.

Why is my trackball mouse lagging?

Check the wire and make sure it is connected to the right USB port. You could try a different USB port. If the USB port is not working right, the mouse connection can be shaky, which can cause hiccups and delays.

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