Final Fantasy 14: How To Get All Blue Mage Spell

Everything you need to know about Blue Mage spells in Final Fantasy 14, in one place.

Final Fantasy 14 Get All Blue Mage Spell, and there are currently 124 unique Blue Mage spells to learn and master. Blue Mage is not a regular DPS class like the rest of the jobs in the game. Instead, it is a “limited job” that can only be used in certain situations. This means that you can’t use it for things like Duty Roulette or finishing the main campaign, but you can use it in the open world and with a pre-made party in instanced content.

Even with these problems, Blue Mage is a lot of fun, and learning all the spells can satisfy your need to collect. Plus, the Job can be very helpful during Itinerant Moogle sessions to speed through content with specialized groups and load-outs. Here, we’ll look at where each and every Blue Mage spell can be learned.

How To Get All Blue Mage Spell in Final Fantasy 14

In the 6.45 patch, there are a total of 20 new spells. Most of them are usually learned in Lvl 80 Dungeons, Trials, or Raids, but some can also be learned in the open world. You might want to start with those first, since they are much easier to get.

Spell NameHow to learnLocation or Requirement
Goblin PunchHobgoblinKholusia—X:33 & Y:33
RehydrationSlippery ArmadilloAmh Araeng—X:32 & Y:9
SchiltronLong-Tailed ArmadilloAmh Araeng—X:17 & Y:30
Candy CaneAenc Thon, Lord of the Lingering GazeDohn Mheg—Dungeon
Peat PeltMudmanMatoya’s Relict—Dungeon
Right RoundGreater ArmadilloMalikah’s Well—Dungeon
Breath of MagicNoneWhalaqee Breath of Magic Totem (need to be a Level 80 Blue Mage)—X:12.6 & Y:12.9
Conviction MarcatoForgiven ObscenityMt. Gulg—Dungeon
Deep CleanSeeker of SolitudeThe Grand Cosmos—Dungeon
Force FieldNoneWhalaqee Force Field Totem after you’ve learned 120 Blue Mage Spells.
Laser EyeEden’s PromiseEden’s Promise: Eternity—Raid (either Normal)
Mortal FlameLugusThe Grand Cosmos—Dungeon
Winged ReprobationInnocenceThe Crown of The Immaculate—Trial (either Normal or Extreme)
Dimensional ShiftEden PrimeEden’s Gate: Resurrection (E1N)—A Raid (either Normal)
Divination RuneTitaniaThe Dancing Plague—A Trial (either Normal or Extreme)
Ruby DynamicsThe Ruby WeaponCinder Drift—A Trial (either Normal or Extreme)
Wild RageSpectral BerserkerThe Heroes’ Gauntlet—Dungeon
Being MortalTitaniaThe Dancing Plague—Trial (either Normal or Extreme)
Sea ShantyNixieMatoya’s Relict—Dungeon

Benefits of Collecting All Blue Mage Spells

  • Blue Mages are a type of limited job that can learn skills from their enemies. When you have all of the Blue Mage spells, you can use a wide range of unique abilities in both solo and group content.
Final Fantasy 14: How To Get All Blue Mage Spell
  • Challenge: Getting all of the Blue Mage spells is hard because you have to beat a lot of different enemies. This can be fun and rewarding for people who like to try new things.
  • When you have all of the Blue Mage spells, you are called “Master Blue Mage.” This is an important title that shows how hard you work at your job.
  • Cosmetics: If you collect all of the Blue Mage spells, you can also get cosmetic items like a weapon and a mount. You can use these things to show off what you’ve done.

Participating in FATEs for Blue Mage Spells

  • Go to the appropriate location: Each Blue Mage spell is learned from a specific enemy, so you need to go to the area where that enemy spawns. For example, the spell “Tidal Wave” is learned from the enemy “Hydros One”, which spawns in the Ruby Sea.
  • Use the “Challenge Log”: The Challenge Log is a weekly activity that rewards you for completing certain tasks. One of the tasks is to defeat a certain number of enemies with a specific job. This is a great way to learn Blue Mage spells, as you will be guaranteed to get the spell if you defeat the enemy.
  • Use the “Learning” ability: The “Learning” ability allows you to learn a spell from an enemy by being hit by it. This is a random chance, but it is the only way to learn some spells.

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What is the spell 47 in Blue Mage?

Shock Strike is the fourth of Blue Mages’ heavy-damaging oGCD nukes, which are called Primal Abilities. This one is a lightning-based ranged AoE attack that does 400 potency of damage to the first enemy it hits and then 50% of that damage to all other enemies in its range. It costs 400 MP.

What is the spell 48 on Blue Mage?

Glass Dance (48): Akh Afah Amphiteater (Extreme) runs that are out of sync. Only the Extreme version of this fight has this spell. The drop rate isn’t very good when you’re not in sync, but it can be very hard to sync on Blue Mage.

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