Halls of Torment: How to Get your Characters to Level 100

Learn how to level up your characters in Halls of Torment quickly and efficiently with these essential tips.

The visual aesthetic of Halls of Torment is reminiscent of RPGs from the late 1990s. Discover new potent items that allow you to delve even deeper into the abyss as you explore various underground regions. In the current level 100 guide, we will discuss Halls of Torment: How to Get your Characters to Level 100. we will discuss warning signs and blessings that will increase your chances of success.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to level 100; you will have to rely on the time-honored method of grinding. The more you attempt runs and explore camps, the more items you will be able to acquire to assist you on your journey. Check out our ranking of the game’s best weapon in Warhammer 40k: Boltgun if you’re interested in playing another game with the same retro 90s vibe.

How to Get your Characters to Level 100 in Halls of Torment

You will likely defeat the game’s bosses and thoroughly explore the various dungeons well before each of the seven playable characters reaches level 100. Wait until the very end of the game to focus on that specific objective. When you’re finally ready to level your characters to 100, you should begin by:

  1. Equip the Jade Amulet.
  2. Equip other gear that focuses on critical attacks, elemental damage, and standard attack enhancements.
  3. Completely master all offensive blessings.
  4. During your run, focus on traits that improve movement speed, critical attacks, and attack frequency.
  5. Choose abilities that rapidly fire powerful projectiles.

About: Halls of Torment

Halls of Torment is a survival roguelike with a retro look reminiscent of late 1990s role-playing games. Choose from a variety of valiant heroes and descend into the deadly Halls of Torment. Fight extraterrestrial horrors and endure wave after wave of foes until you face one of the tormented lords. Character traits, abilities, and items can be used to advance your character. Create a new, potent structure on each run. Explore a variety of subterranean regions and discover new potent items that allow you to create interesting synergies.

GenreSurvival Roguelite
DeveloperChasing Carrots
PublisherChasing Carrots
Release DateEarly Access: February 20, 2023

Essential Tips for Efficient Character Leveling in “Halls of Torment”

  • Don’t neglect your weaknesses: However, you should also avoid ignoring the weaknesses of your character. Invest in skills and abilities that will assist you in overcoming their weaknesses.
Halls of Torment: How to Get your Characters to Level 100
  • Explore every level: When exploring a level, be sure to investigate every crevice. This is where the most potent items and experience points are located.
  • As many adversaries as possible: The greater the number of enemies you kill, the more experience points you will earn. This will expedite your character’s leveling process.
  • Do not be afraid of death: Death is an integral part of the game. Do not become disheartened if you die. Simply reflect on your past errors and try again.
  • Upgrade your items: You can enhance the power of your items by upgrading them. This is an excellent method for increasing your character’s strength.
  • Find the best build: There are a variety of different builds that can be created in Halls of Torment. Experiment with different builds until you find the optimal one.


What is the Kugelblitz in Hall of Torment?

Kugelblitz is a Halls of Torment ability. It fires lightning balls at random foes at regular intervals. Each ball emits shockwaves at increasingly rapid intervals. Shockwaves have a 0.1-second stun duration and can cause Electrify.

What is the fastest way to get gold in Halls of Torment?

Until you unlock additional blessings, the Archer is the most effective way to farm gold in the early game. Unlock the Archer as soon as possible by surviving four minutes in Haunted Caverns. This useful character shoots arrows, allowing you to eliminate weak enemies in the initial area of the Haunted Caverns.

How do you farm items in halls of torment?

You can find items in the Hall of Torments by opening Treasure Chests, which are typically dropped by boss enemies, and by completing quests. When opening a Chest, you should be able to select one of three randomly generated items, each filling a different equipment slot.

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