Blox Fruits: How to Get Cursed Dual Katana

This guide tells you how to get the coveted Cursed Dual Katana, which gives you access to powerful dark combos and abilities.

Blox Fruits is one of the most interesting games on Roblox. It takes players on an exciting adventure where getting strong weapons is important for survival. The Cursed Dual Katana is the most sought-after weapon in the video game and is seen as the pinnacle of strength and skill. In this guide we talk about how to Get Cursed Dual Katana in Blox Fruits.

The only way to get this powerful weapon is to strategically combine Tushita and Yama. These are the key elements that let you use the Cursed Dual Katana’s unmatched power. As players move through the virtual worlds, they have to deal with challenges, defeat enemies, and plan how to get the resources they need to claim this legendary weapon.

The coming together of Tushita and Yama is both a sign of the coming together of magical forces and a demonstration of how well the game is designed to keep players interested in the competition for power. In the ever-changing world of Blox Fruits, the Cursed Dual Katana represents success by showing how skill and strategy must work together to win in this fascinating Roblox world. If you want more information about Blox Fruits Go to there, Official Website.

Blox Fruits: How to Get Cursed Dual Katana

  1. Get the Yama and Tushita swords and level them up to 350 or more.
  2. Get to level 2,200.
  3. Finish the Cursed Dual Katana Puzzle.

Get Yama

  1. Complete at least 20 Elite Hunter and/or Player Hunter quests.
  2. Head to Hydra Island, the location of Yama.
  3. Locate the Secret Temple on Hydra Island.
  4. Move behind the fell water to access the temple.
  5. Use a move like Instinct Break to break the gate and enter the Temple.
  6. Once inside, find the sword.
  7. Click on the sword four times to pull it.
  8. For a higher chance of obtaining the sword, consider completing 30 quests.

Get Tushita

  1. Put God’s Chalice on the Pedestal to call up Rip Indra.
  2. Beating Elite Pirates is the best way to get the Chalice.
  3. Visit Hydra Island, which is where Tushita is.
  4. In the Secret Temple, kill all the ghosts and then go under the waterfall.
  5. Now is the time to go through the big white door and use the holy torch to light five more torches.
  6. After you do that, a new room will appear. In this room, you will need to defeat Longma, a level 2,000 boss, who will drop Tushita for you.

How to Finish the Puzzle with the Cursed Dual Katana

  1. Find the Crypt Master in the back of the Mansion at Floating Turtle.
  2. Talk to him.
  3. Go in through the back.
  4. There are three tests on each of the two scrolls inside. To finish the trials on the right scroll, use Yama and Tushita.
  5. Once the tests on both scrolls are finished, you should have six Alucard Fragments that you need to place on a pedestal in front of the Mansion.
  6. This calls up the Cursed Skeleton Boss.
  7. You will get the Cursed Dual Katana if you use either sword to beat the Boss.

Importance of Cursed Dual Katana in the Game

  • High Damage: It does the third most damage per click of any sword in the game, after the True Triple Katana and the Triple Dark Blade. This means that you are very good at fighting game, so you can kill enemies quickly and easily.
Blox Fruits: How to Get Cursed Dual Katana
  • Unique Moveset: The CDK’s dual-wielding mechanic gives it a unique way to fight. It lets you use strong combos and special moves like “Dark Aura” and “Shura Devastation,” which makes you more flexible in battle and increases your damage output.
  • Endgame Viability: The CDK is still useful and effective late in the game because it is one of the strongest swords you can get. It helps when fighting high-level bosses, in PvP, and when farming in hard areas.
  • Rarity and Prestige: Getting the CDK requires completing a difficult quest line and beating a tough boss. Players feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they own it because it shows how dedicated and skilled they are.

Challenges and Rewards Associated with Cursed Dual Katana

  • Getting: It’s hard to get the Cursed Dual Katanas. It has six tough tests across the Second Sea, and you have to beat a Cursed Skeleton Boss using either the Tushita or Yama fighting styles. This needs commitment, persistence, and maybe even teamwork.
  • Mastery: With skill, dual Katanas work very well. Their moveset needs work and timing to be used well. Accuracy is needed to get the most out of combos, cancels, and juggles.
  • Managing your stamina: Dual Katanas are strong, but they use up your stamina quickly. To keep from losing stamina, you need to use combinations and the Busoshoku Haki strategy.

Benefits of the Cursed Dual Katana:

  • Unmatched Damage Potential: With the right gear, Dual Katanas can deal some of the most damage in the game. “Yoruichi’s Swiftness” helps them attack quickly and beat enemies and bosses.
  • Versatility: Dual Katanas are very versatile because they are best for close combat and have a lot of combos and skills. They handle large groups of people with “Shanks’s Revenge” and fill in gaps with “Dragon Talon.”
Blox Fruits: How to Get Cursed Dual Katana
  • High Skill Ceiling: Being good at both katanas is rewarding. Exploring their depths and possibilities gives you a lot of pleasure and bragging rights.


How do you get the cursed dual katana?

By putting these shards on a pedestal in front of the mansion, you can call up the Cursed Skeleton Boss. Kill this boss with either Tushita or Yama to get the Cursed Dual Katana. That’s all you need to know to get the Cursed Dual Katana.

How do you get the cursed triple Katana?

The idea of a cursed triple katana | Fandom. Get this achievement: Yama must have 450 mastery, Saddi must have 450 mastery, and Wando must have 450 mastery (and have TTK first). Then, talk to the master swordsman in the Sea of Treats. He will give you trials like CDK, but one for each sword instead.

Is dual katana good in Blox fruits?

People often choose the Dual Katana over the Iron Mace because it can hit more enemies at once. The Dual Katana also comes in a stronger form called the Cursed Dual Katana.

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