How to Get Diablo 4 Server Slam Rewards

The Diablo IV Server Slam will run from May 12 to 14 and will be available on all of the game’s platforms: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. The test will only run for three days. This is different from the beta, which ran over two weekends and saved what was done between them. If you want to know how to Get Diablo 4 Server Slam Rewards.

Progress from those weekends won’t carry over to the Server Slam, and progress from the Server Slam won’t carry over to the full game. But if you already have that game client installed, once it’s updated it will still work for the Server Slam. There is also a Server Slam client you can download right now.

How to Get Diablo 4 Server Slam Rewards

  1. Rewards in Server Slam vary based on time and effort invested.
  2. Reaching Kyovashad with one character earns Initial Casualty title.
  3. Time to reach Kyovashad: about an hour with cutscenes, half without.
  4. Hitting level 20 with one character earns Early Voyager title and Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item.
  5. It takes considerably longer to reach level 20.
  6. Prepare to play extensively in a short period.
  7. Defeating Ashava world boss with level 20 character earns Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy.
  8. This requirement is considerably more difficult.
  9. The most interesting reward is obtained from this achievement.

Diablo 4 Server Slam Date and Time

  • 12 p.m. Pacific on the US west coast
  • 3 p.m. Eastern for the US east coast
  • 9 p.m. CEST for Europe
  • 8 p.m. BST in the UK
  • 4 a.m. JST on Saturday, May 13 in Japan

Diablo 4: About

How to Get Diablo 4 Server Slam Rewards

Since the beta playtests for Diablo 4 are over, we won’t be able to try out the return of the ARPG royalty series again until the game comes out. After waiting for years, both before and after it was announced at BlizzCon 2019, the last few weeks until Diablo 4 comes out are hardly a wait at all. You’ll need that left-click button, so get used to it.

Since months ago, we’ve been collecting a treasure trove of pre-release information and development updates. We have all the information you need for your next trip to Hell, no matter how you plan to pile up the bodies of demons. Here is everything we know about the classes, the open world, and the inevitable endgame of Diablo 4. If you know more details about this, than you can check on official website.


Is the server Slam free?

For anybody who has played early versions of Diablo 4 already and still has the app downloaded, there is already an update available for it. If you’re dipping in for the first time on a console, merely go to the game store and search “Diablo IV–Server Slam” to download it for free.

Can you get a mount in Diablo 4 server slam?

Simply defeat the world boss Ashava with one level 20 character to earn this exclusive mount trophy for Diablo 4. The trophy is only available throughout the Server Slam weekend, so be quick.

Do you still need Breaching the Tomb for class mount?

With the release of patch 9.1. 5, you only need to complete the achievement “Breaching the Tomb” on one character across the entire account. Once you have the achievement on one character, you will need to complete the Legion campaign on each individual character you wish to obtain the mount on.

How do you unlock Monk class mount?

To obtain this class mount your character will have to successfully complete A Glorious Campaign and Breaching the Tomb achievements to unlock the quest at the broken shore. The monk class mount has no additional color tints as Ban-Lu is only one of its kind.

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