How to Get Fief Key in The Lords of the Fallen

Uncover the secrets and unlock hidden areas with our guide to getting the Fief Key in The Lords of the Fallen.

You will Get Fief Key in The Lords of the Fallen, but as soon as you do, you’ll probably be wondering what you can do with it. The game can be hard to figure out at times, and all you’re given for this key is a place that is covered in frost.

As your chosen class, you will travel through the lands of Axiom and fight all kinds of enemies while levelling up your Vigour and managing your different attributes. Along the way, you’ll have to find a lot of secrets and keys, and the Fief Key is one of those things that might leave you scratching your head.
You can use the Fief Key in Lords of the Fallen by going to the places listed below. You can also get the key if you don’t already have it.

Location of Fief Key in The Lords of the Fallen

After beating the Congregator of Flesh in the Forsaken Fen, talk to Andreas of Ebb at Skyrest Bridge to get the Fief Key. When you get back to Skyrest after beating the boss, you’ll see that Andreas of Ebb has moved from where he used to be by the outside stairs to right next to the main Vestige, close to Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis.

If you talk to him, he will have a short conversation before telling you that he is going to the Fief of the Chill Curse to help people there. At the end of his speech, he will give the player the Fief Key immediately.

How to Get Fief Key in The Lords of the Fallen

  1. Obtain the Fief Key from Andreas of Ebb at Skyrest Bridge.
  2. Meet Andreas initially at the path to Skyrest Bridge for conversation.
  3. Progress in the game and defeat a specific boss to prompt his assistance.
  4. Advance in the game to reach Forsaken Fen.
  5. Confront the Congregator of Flesh boss at the start of this area.
  6. After defeating the boss, return to Skyrest.
  7. Find Andreas now positioned near the Vestige.
  8. Engage with him at this new spot for details about a frozen area containing a beacon.
  9. Discuss until dialogue exhausted, then he’ll offer the Fief Key.

Where to Use the Fief Key in Lords of the Fallen

When you play Lords of the Fallen, you might have noticed some doors that are very fancy. One or two of them will have a bell hanging from the middle of them. But they can’t be opened until you have the right key. You’ll need to warp to one of the first Vestiges you unlock in the game, called “Windmill” or Vestige of Marco the Axe, in order to use the Fief Key.

How to Get Fief Key in The Lords of the Fallen

Your goal should be clear once you land at the Vestige. With just a little movement to the left, you can see one of those doors. By going over there, you can now open it because you have the Fief Key with you.

Fief Key: Unlocking Doors and Its Significance in Gameplay

No Holds Barred:

As soon as you have the key, it will open a number of doors that you couldn’t get to before. These doors often lead to secret places with loot or even boss fights that you can choose not to do. With a newfound sense of wonder, look at every part of the map; the Fief Key might open up new paths and tasks that you hadn’t seen before.

Outside the Doors:

The Fief Key is important for a lot more than just opening doors. When you unlock these hidden areas, you’ll often find more story fragments, cryptic messages, and environmental storytelling elements that help you learn more about the world of the game and its sad past. Keep an eye out, because the key could open more than just a way to get through. It could also help you learn more about the fallen gods and their abandoned world.

A Test of Your Skills:

The places you can get to with the Fief Key are often meant to test how good you are at fighting and how well you can plan ahead. You can expect stronger enemies, puzzles that are harder to solve, and maybe even boss fights that will test your skills to the limit. You will need to change how you play and what you use for these tasks because the Fief Key opens the door to new places, tougher challenges, and maybe even glory.

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Where does the Fief key go?

It might not be clear what to do right away once you have the Fief Key. When you go back to the Redcopse Windmill/Vestige of Marco the Axe, you’ll see a frozen Bell Door on the left side. You will be able to unlock this door and get to the area behind it when you deal with it now.

What is the key for the lower Calrath?

Players can open a door that leads from Lower Calrath to Sunless Skein with the Sunless Skein Key. Turn around and look away from the Vestige of Hooded Antuli at the Sunless Skein. You will come to a locked door that needs the Sunless Skein Key to be opened if you follow the road to the right.

How do you beat the first warden?

People should listen to this boss and not rush in. Even though Harkyn has a shield up to block his hits, some damage still gets through and leaves him open to being stunned. Counterattacks should also be well-timed, since running in without thinking can cause a player’s attacks to hit the Warden’s shield instead.

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