How to Get Honey in Palworld: simple steps

Become a honey tycoon in Palworld! This guide tells you how to do everything, from getting Pals that make sweets to building a farm that makes money.

In this guide we showed how to Get Honey in Palworld. Honey is very important in Palworld, especially when starting the very important task of breeding Pals. The sweet nectar, which can be found in different places in the game, is an important part of keeping the Pal population healthy and growing.

As players get deeper into Palworld’s world, they learn that getting honey turns into a strategic goal that affects how well and efficiently they breed animals. Getting honey not only makes managing resources more difficult, but it also makes the game more difficult to understand. This precious substance, which can only be obtained by working hard in the virtual world, shows how nature and game mechanics are linked.

In Palworld, the careful cultivation of honey is like pollination in the real world. This shows how important balance is for the Pal ecosystem’s long-term growth and evolution. So, players have to find their way through the complex landscape by using both strategy and resourcefulness to get the valuable benefits that honey gives them on their journey through the game. If you want more information about, Get Honey in Palworld go to their official website.

How to Get Honey in Palworld

  1. Obtain Honey from Pals: Honey can be obtained by defeating certain Pals, namely Cinnamoth, Beegarde, Elizabee, and Warsect.
  2. Optimal Starting Point: When starting out, target Cinnamoths for acquiring Honey, as they are relatively easier to defeat.
  3. Alternative Targets: While Cinnamoths are recommended for beginners, you can also defeat the other Pals (Beegarde, Elizabee, and Warsect) to obtain Honey.
  4. Consider Strength: Be aware that defeating the stronger Pals may take longer due to their increased strength compared to Cinnamoths.

Significance of Honey in Palworld

  • Breeding: Honey is an important part of making Cakes, which are needed to breed Pals. By breeding, you can make your Pals stronger and give them better stats, and you might even be able to unlock new species. Without a steady supply of honey, it’s much harder to move through the video game and get strong Pals.
How to Get Honey in Palworld
  • Recipes: Honey is also used in other important recipes, like Energy Drinks that give you more energy and Healing Salves that help your body heal. These items can help you while you’re exploring, fighting, or trying to tame an animal.

Tips for Efficient Honey Gathering

Picking out bees and breeding them:

  • Types: Pick bees that make honey, like honeybees or bumblebees. They produce more honey than other types.
  • Genetics: Try to breed bees that make a lot of honey and gather it quickly. You might want to use the Capture Scanner to see how good wild bees are before you try to tame them.
  • Mutations: Search for mutations that are good for you, such as ones that make you produce more honey or gather honey faster. In order to make them happen, use the Mutation Serum.

Taking care of hives:

  • Location: Put your hive somewhere with lots of different flowers. This will make sure that your bees always have nectar to eat.
  • Hive Size: As your bee population grows, make your hive bigger. There is more honey when there are more bees, but too many bees can make things less efficient.
  • Storage: Make sure that your hive has enough Honeycomb storage space for the honey that you make.

Optimisation for Gathering:

  • Gear for bees: Give your bees gear that helps them gather honey faster or make more honey. A good place to start is with the Bee Pollen Basket.
  • Taming Bonuses: Making friends with and taming wild bees can give you temporary benefits like higher honey gathering rates.
  • Hand-Collecting: If you want to play more efficiently, take honey out of hives by hand when they are full.

Honey in Palworld: Uses and Benefits

Crafts and food:

  • Cooking: Honey is an important part of many recipes for cakes, sweets, and other high-value foods that make you feel full and improve your stats.
  • Potion Making: Honey is used in many potion recipes to make them stronger and give benefits like more health or defence.
  • Dogs: Honey can be used to train some dogs, especially ones that like sweets.

Running a ranch and breeding:

  • Bee farming: You can make a sustainable honey farm on your ranch by capturing honey-producing Pals like Beegarde, Elizabee, and Warsect. Over time, these Pals make honey, which is a steady source of income.
  • Enhance Breeding: Giving honey to breeding pairs can help them mate more often and possibly have better children.


Where is the best place to find honey in MHW?

Going to the ancient forest is the fastest way to do it. Take the first right you can, then go north. Use your wildlife map; honey is marked on it without any extra steps. Find the yellow honeycomb shapes.

How can we get honey?

Bees get nectar from flowers, turn it into honey, and store it in their hive. Beehives are used to get these honeys, which are put on food.

How do I find the best honey?

The most likely to be real honey, honey from a small, hyper-local beekeeper is the best honey you can buy. You should look for raw honey that hasn’t been filtered and still has pollen in it. This is what gives honey its flavour.

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