Palworld: How To Get Kitsun

Open up Kitsun's power! How to catch this rare Pal in Palworld: the whole story

Kitsun is a rare and sought-after Pal in the huge and fascinating world of Palworld game. It is known for being very good at battle. Its active skills are so powerful that they make enemies scared, which is why trainers want to get one for their own Pokemon. In this guide we showed how To Get Kitsun in Palworld.

You have to work extra hard to get Kitsun, though, because it only spawns in a tiny spot on the huge map. Trainers have to get this powerful Pal by navigating the tricky terrain, facing dangers and getting past obstacles. While trainers are on the quest for Kitsun, it’s important for them to know what’s going on in the world outside of games.

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How To Get Kitsun in Palworld

  1. Kitsun is a strong Pal.
  2. People who want to fight it should be very high level, preferably level 25, before they do so.
  3. With Water Element Pals being stronger than Fire Element Pals, it’s clear that players who use Water Element Pals will have an advantage.
  4. Kitsun can use many attacks during a battle, such as Ignis Blasts, Spirit Fire, and Flare Storms.
  5. The players have to keep dodging and making it less strong.
  6. Once it is weak enough, throw a high-level Pal Sphere at it to capture it.

Understanding Kitsun in Palworld

How they look and act:

  • Kitsun is a medium-sized Pal that looks like a fox and has blue spots on its white fur.
  • It has a magical aura because of the blue flame that wraps around its neck.

Habitat and Getting It:

  • Kitsun is a Fire-type Pal that can only be found in the mountainous northeastern part of Palworld.
Palworld: How To Get Kitsun
  • You can quickly get to the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance and the Sealed Realm of the Swift.

What Skills and Use Are:

  • Kitsun can help you in both battle and exploration.
  • It can handle high or low temperatures as a mount because of its Clear Mind partner skill.

Tips for Efficient Kitsun Hunting

  • Explore the world. Palworld has a lot of different environments with interesting creatures and secrets to find. Don’t focus on hunting; instead, explore and find new things.
  • Befriend and capture animals: Instead of hunting, try making friends with animals and capturing them. This lets you put together a team, learn how they act, and even become close with them.
  • Take care of animals: It can be fun to raise and take care of animals that you have captured. Give them food, a place to live, and the care they need to do well.
  • Do quests and challenges. Palworld has many quests and challenges that test your knowledge and skills. Pay attention to these goals for a more interesting experience.

Rare and Unique Kitsun Variations

  • Kitsune (Standard): This is the most common type of Kitsun. You can find it in the mountains near the entrance to the Free Pal Alliance Tower and the sealed realm of the swift. The fiery fox will try to run away if you try to catch it, so you’ll need a swift mount.
  • Seven-Tailed Kitsune: This type of Kitsun is much less common than the other types, and it is said to bring good luck to its owner. Even though it spawns in the same place as the normal Kitsun, it does so much less often.
  • Kitsune (Ghost): This ghostly Kitsun is even less common than the nine-tailed type. It is thought to be the spirit of a Kitsun that has died. It’s hard to catch, and you can find it at night in the haunted forest.
  • The strange Kitsune (Glitch) looks like it has glitches, which are thought to be the result of a programming error. But you can’t get it by playing the video game normally. You can find it in the game’s data files.
  • Custom Kitsune: For Palworld’s Pet Mods feature, players can make their own unique Kitsune variations. This lets you give your Kitsun a lot of different looks and skills, so you can make one that is truly unique.


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