How To Get Marble in My Time at Sandrock

Marble is a valuable resource in My Time at Sandrock, so find out how to get it easily here

If you want to Get Marble in My Time at Sandrock to be as good as it possibly can be, the game requires a significant amount of grinding on your part. You will be tasked with building multiple machines, each of which will assist you in the construction of additional machines and items, allowing you to satisfy the requirements of the entire town. Marble is an important resource that you should stock up on.

Marble is a resource that isn’t hard to acquire, but finding it in the beginning can be challenging due to its rarity. It is not difficult to acquire the material or to produce marble bricks for construction purposes once you have determined where to look for it. The following is a walkthrough for obtaining Marble in My Time at Sandrock in the event that you require assistance.

Where to Find Marble Deposits

  • Hard Rock: Hard Rock is a type of rock that is found throughout the Eufaula Desert. It can be distinguished by its gray top and red bottom. Mining Hard Rock with a Bronze Speed Hammer or higher will yield Marble.
  • Monuments: Monuments are large, rock formations that are also found in the Eufaula Desert. They contain the highest concentration of Marble, but they also require a Bronze Speed Hammer or higher to mine.
How To Get Marble in My Time at Sandrock
  • Pensky and Rockyenaroll: Pensky and Rockyenaroll are two enemies that can drop Marble when defeated. They can be found in the Eufaula Desert and the Shonash Cliffs, respectively.

How To Get Marble in My Time at Sandrock

  1. Marble is pretty easy to come across, and you can get it from the relatively safe area around the workshop. It’s very easy to overlook, so if you didn’t notice the deposits of it, that’s understandable.
  2. You can get marble by mining hard rock. These appear as pretty ordinary-looking boulders but can be differentiated from gravel by their grey tops. That little bit of grey can stand out pretty well from the yellows and oranges of the desert.

Upgrades and Enhancements for Marble Gathering


  1. Bronze Speed Hammer: You need at least a Bronze Speed Hammer to mine Hard Rock and Monuments, which have the most marble you can find.
  2. Diamond Pickaxe: This tool can dig through marble more quickly than a Bronze Speed Hammer.
  3. Mining Drill: A Mining Drill is faster than a Mining Pickaxe at digging up marble.


  1. Helmet for miners: A miner’s helmet protects them from falling rocks and other dangers while they work.
  2. Miner’s Backpack: A miner’s backpack makes it easier to carry more marble.
  3. Miner’s Boots: These boots make it faster for the player to move around when they are mining.


Where is the best place to find marble?

Where exactly can one find marble? Marble can be found in almost every country on the planet; however, the countries of Italy, Spain, India, and China have the highest marble production rates. Carrara, in the Italian region of Tuscany, is home to the world’s most renowned white marble.

What city has the most marble?

The largest city in Turkmenistan and the nation’s capital, Ashgabat is located in the central Asian nation of Turkmenistan. It is the location with the highest concentration of buildings made of white marble, earning it the Guinness World Record for that category.

Which country has all white buildings?

The following are three characteristics that are unique to Ashgabat: The government of Turkmenistan has made the decision over the years to spend tens of billions of dollars in order to decorate the city of Ashgabat, the capital, with buildings made entirely of white marble. Because of the incredible amount of marble that was used in this project, Ashgabat was awarded a Guinness world record.

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