How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Making it in Enshrouded? Find out how to get Metal Scraps and make things that will help you stay alive.

Players are immersed in Enshrouded, an open-world action RPG with a mix of strategic base-building and quest completion that makes for a unique gaming experience. From the start, players can change many things about their characters to make their journey through a mysterious and difficult world more unique. In this guide we showed how to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded.

The huge map begs to be explored, and when you do, you’ll find a lot of mysterious creatures that test your character’s skills. As players explore this mysterious world, they’ll face tough bosses that they must defeat in order to move forward. The story is told in a way that is purposely vague, which adds to the sense of mystery and discovery.

Players collect a variety of crafting materials along the way. Each one can be used to make powerful weapons and useful tools. This complicated crafting system not only makes it easier to fight, but it also helps the player’s base grow. The quest-driven progression, strategic base-building, and unpredictable encounters with mythical creatures work well together in Enshrouded to make for a fun and exciting game experience.

How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

  1. Explore Ruins: Many settlements in Enshrouded are abandoned, providing potential locations for metal scraps.
  2. Search Sites: While traveling, actively look for ruins or old workbenches left behind.
  3. Inspect Chests: Metal scraps are often hidden in chests within the ruins.
  4. Destroy Metal Objects: Some metal scraps may fall when metal items are destroyed.
  5. Be Vigilant: Although settlements are sparsely inhabited, keep an eye out for any signs of abandoned locations.
  6. Press E to Pick Up: When you get close to metal scraps, a prompt will appear to press the ‘E’ key to pick them up.
  7. Accidental Discoveries: It’s common to stumble upon metal scraps by accident while exploring ruins.
  8. Add to Inventory: Once prompted, press ‘E’ to pick up the metal scraps and add them to your inventory.
  9. Optimize Search: While accidental finds happen, actively searching for metal scraps increases your chances of acquiring the resource.

Importance of Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Important Crafting Supplies:

  • Early Gear: You need metal scraps to make your first set of tools and armour. You’ll need metal to do simple things, like the Lockpick to open chests and the Scrappy Axe to move wood faster.
  • Forge Access: A lot of metal scraps are needed to build the Forge, which is an important crafting station. This lets you make more advanced tools, weapons, and armour, which moves you further in the game.
How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded
  • Metal Sheets: As you level up, metal scraps can be used to make Metal Sheets, which are a higher-level resource used to make even stronger gear.

Multiple Ways to Acquire:

  • When you go looting, you can find metal scraps in chests, barrels, and even broken-down furniture. In the early areas, a good way to find them is to explore lost villages and ruins.
  • When you destroy metal things, like rusty cans, old carts, and even some enemy armour, you might get metal scraps as a reward. Keep an eye out for metal things and smash them!
  • Enemy Drops: Some enemies, especially those wearing metal armour, may drop some scraps when you defeat them. It’s not always the best way to do things, but it can help in battle.

Locations for Finding Metal Scraps

People who look for food:

  • When you’re hunting, these game humanoid enemies are where you get most of your metal. You can find them in settlements, camps, ruins, and even castles. When you kill them, scrap almost always falls out.
  • Scavenger Camps: Look on tables, crafting benches, and lootable piles for old items that have been left behind. For possible drops, think about breaking containers like barrels and furniture.

Early Game Scenes:

  • Longkeep: Look around the area west of your first home base to find scavengers and metal that you can steal.
  • Braelyn Bridge: Check the area around the bridge and the Shroud areas nearby for scavengers and hidden trash cans.
  • Rookmore: This small village southwest of Braelyn Bridge often has trash and things that can be destroyed.

Tips for Beginners in Metal Scrap Collection

Get ready:

  • Strong boots: Enshrouded can be a dangerous place to be. In the dark, uneven ground, hidden dangers, and the occasional rogue gear-tooth wait. Buy boots that protect you and give you a good grip.
  • Gloves of Might: Metal isn’t always kind. Wear tough gloves that can handle sharp edges and dirty dirt to protect your precious paws.

Look for and Sort:

  • Metal Menagerie: Every nook and cranny in Enshrouded is full of scrap metal. Keep an eye out for metal things that shine, like pipes, wires, machine parts, and abandoned cars.
  • Magnetic Mojo: Make friends with a magnet. You can count on this useful tool to help you tell the difference between ferrous friends and non-ferrous enemies.

First, safety:

  • Buddy System: Enshrouded can be a lonely place, but getting scrap is more fun when you work with other people. Join forces with another scrapper to stay safe, learn from each other, and get twice as much loot.
How to Get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded
  • Mind the Gap: Be careful where you step! Uneven ground, hidden ditches, and stacks of scrap metal that are too high can make your metal mission a messy tumble. Keep your eyes open and your feet on the ground.


How do you get metal scraps in unturned?

You can get Metal Scrap from Construction Locations, Metal Nodes, Items that have been saved, and Vehicles that have been destroyed.

How do you get reclaimed metal in TF2?

In TF2, how do I get scrap metal and used metal? You can turn weapons into scrap, which can then be used to make refined items, which can then be used to make reclaimed items. You could also trade with someone else for it. Check the prices of the things you want to trade, and be careful not to get ripped off.

How do you get scrap easily?

One of the best places to find Scrap in Rust is on dirt roads. There are Standard Barrels, Biohazard Barrels, Oil Barrels, and Trash Cans, as well as Food Crates, spread out along the road. These items usually have a good amount of Scrap.

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